The most recent chapter in the Doomsday Clock series is the best one yet.

Review: Superman Steps into the Spotlight in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #8

The Doomsday Clock Ticks Closer As Superman Takes Center Stage

Every time I want to complain about the release schedule of Doomsday Clock, a new issue comes out and blows me away. After seven issues, we finally got an appearance of Dr. Manhattan, and it was glorious. Ozymandias ends up being exposed for his lies by our omniscient superbeing, turning Rorschach, Mime, and Marionette against him. As Ozymandias gets away, he leaves most of our characters confused on what to do, as their mission is now a lie. With Adrian out in the world unchecked, the DC Universe is in grave danger. What will Ozymandias do now to get Manhattan?

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**Some Spoilers Below**



Stepping away from the characters of the Watchmen universe, we focus on the Man of Steel. Someone breaks into the Daily Planet and rummages through Lois’ desk. While she and Clark can’t figure out why news coming from Moscow requires Superman’s attention. Firestorm is at an anti-metahuman rally when the crowd turns violent. As they began to beat him, the nuclear man unleashes his molecule changing power, turning them all to glass. While he flees, Superman follows suit, hoping to find a way to save the people. Meanwhile, Ozymandias sees this incident as an opportunity to further his motives.

This is the best issue of Doomsday Clock yet. This takes the themes of Watchmen and blends them perfectly with DC characters. The tension of the situation is exceptionally intense and hooks the reader right in. I was stunned when I saw Firestorm turn the crowd into glass. Despite the adventures of the Watchmen characters, I had never expected a DC character to go that far. It was quite disturbing, but I loved it.

This issue also reminded me why I love Superman in the main DC Universe. Despite him being seen as an American and a Metahuman, he’s still seen as a force for good. He goes to Khandaq in search of Firestorm and the supervillain Black Adam welcomes him with a handshake. It’s a small moment, but it shows why Superman is the greatest hero in the DC Universe.


Do I really need to say the art is the best on the shelves? The art team continues to create these visuals that pull readers into this world. Every panel just oozes emotion, and I can’t get enough of it. The rally in Moscow is a prime example of this. From the claustrophobic panels of the protesters to the sheer horror in Firestorm’s face, it’s just amazing. This art almost justifies the length of time between Doomsday Clock releases. Almost.


Everyone needs to read this comic. The emotion, the excitement, the horror, there is something for everyone in this comic. The only downside of this comic is knowing we have to wait months for the next one. Doomsday Clock is the series that keeps on giving, and I can’t wait for the next issue.

Jose "Jody" Cardona
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The most recent chapter in the Doomsday Clock series is the best one yet.Review: Superman Steps into the Spotlight in DOOMSDAY CLOCK #8