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It was reported back in May that Deadpool would be getting an animated series on FXX. Donald and Stephen Glover, the team behind Atlanta, were going to create the show. The show was also going to feature animation from Floyd County, the team behind Archer. The creative combination was exciting, but unfortunately, we’ll never know how good it could’ve been. Variety reported on Saturday that the show was dropped due to “creative differences.”

FX confirmed that the series was no longer happening. “Due to creative differences, FX, Donald Glover, Stephen Glover and Marvel Television have agreed to part ways on Marvel’s ‘Deadpool’ animated series, FX will no longer be involved with the project,” FX said. “FX and Marvel have an ongoing relationship through our partnership on ‘Legion,’ which will continue.”


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The series was set to premiere sometime this year. However, the series was not in active production, and reportedly didn’t have a single script written. Whether another Deadpool series will happen remains to be seen. It’s still possible that some combination of these forces will try to get the series going in the future.

Thankfully, it’s not as if Donald Glover or Deadpool are disappearing from the world. Glover’s Atlanta is currently on its second season. Donald Glover will also play young Lando Calrissian in the upcoming Star Wars film Solo. Meanwhile, the live-action film Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18th. Even Archer returns with a new season in April.

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