Disney Expands Vans Line With Original “Toy Story” Designs

Vans continues to expand their partnership with Disney/Pixar. The California-based fashion company produced a complete line inspired by characters from Toy Story. Vans started carrying Disney products several years ago, but the majority of them featured repeating patterns of Disney characters. The Toy Story line is the first with designs inspired by the characters rather than featuring their likeness.

There’s a Snake in my Sneakers

In addition to the standard patterns, Vans created four designs based off Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Bo Peep’s personal styles. Woody inspired two different designs–one Old Skool and one Hi-Sk8. The Buzz Lightyear sneakers are also, ironically, Old Skools, and Bo Peep’s are Hi-Sk8s. I personally appreciate the fact that Vans resisted the urge to design a slim-cut Bo Peep for dainty lady feet. The Hi-Sk8s with femme detailing and lace stand out as the most unique in the pack. Bo Peep’s sneakers also reveal a change from the Nintendo line, which only featured one repeating pattern print “for girls”.

Some of the Toy Story designs have become difficult to locate considering they were included in the collection at launch several weeks ago. However, with some dedication and a little digging, you’ll uncover them at third-party retailers online, or as store exclusives in shoe stores like Journeys.



This is the kind of merchandising I was looking for in yesterday’s Moana post. The designs are detail-oriented, and most of the shoes include a secret “Andy” signature on the sole (pictured above). The amount of work makes these shoes great for everyday use, or a unique addition to a subtle Halloween costume or Disneybounding outfit. You can mix and match characters using the hats, shirts, backpacks, socks… Vans has got you covered from head to toe.

This is just a selection of the Toy Story fashion available from Vans. The company has rolled out new designs since the line launched, as they usually do with their branded collections.

What do you think of the new Toy Story sneakers? Do you prefer the pattern designs, or the subtler inspirations? Let us know in the comments.

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