‘Disney’ And ’20th Century Fox’ To Join Forces And Possibly Reunite ‘Marvel’ Universe

The rumors are true. The making of a crossover merger between the two giant companies of 21st Century Fox and Disney is about to become a reality. Thought the business world is discussing the financial side of the ramifications of two of the biggest entertainment companies coming together there is a much more pressing questions at hand: How will this affect the Marvel Cinematic Universe? What will happen to the Fantastic Four and X-men?

The main hypothesis most fans are speculating is this will finally allow for the X-Men and Avengers to share the same universe. This will be a welcome sight for many who thought they were never going to see the two factions unite or battle. It may also result in more attention being brought back to the importance of Mutants in not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe but the comics as well.

When Disney studios did not have the rights to use Mutants in any of their creative properties a choice had to be made. The Marvel universe is synonyms with people with bizarre powers appearing out of nowhere and this factor needed to be added to the Cinematics. This led to the increased importance of the Inhumans and their mythology into not only the Marvel Cinematic Universe but also in the comic books. The new merger may result in Mutants once again getting the respect (or more appropriately disrespect) they originally garnished.

Unfortunately for now we can only speculate and hope the merger will produce positive results. For now though, since its early, here hoping for the X-men to meet the Avengers, Spider-Man and Deadpool to hang out, and the Fantastic Four once again becoming the number one family of comics.

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Anthony Wendel
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