Devon’s Top Five Breweries Across Country…so far!

I have been lucky enough to visit my fair share of breweries, living in Washington State, and now Indiana. Over last summer, my fiancé and I took a cross-country road trip to move me home (Indiana) and I made it an unofficial beer tour. We were able to visit at least one brewery in each place we stayed. I feel like, after this experience, I can give you my top five favorites across the country!


5. Selkirk Abbey– Post Falls, Idaho


Sometimes you want to sit and have a magnificent beer, in a cool, small comfortable atmosphere. This place is rad because they know who they are. They slow batch brew, and while they can’t mass produce as fast as others, we as beer drinkers get solid beers, and it is for sure worth the wait. Drop in during the spring and summer months, and get the Huckleberry Chapel.

4. Fiction Beer Company-Denver, CO

If you love books, you will love this place. It is geared towards book worms who love beer. It has an awesome feel on the inside like you are at an amazing bookstore you don’t want to leave. The beers are inspired by books. Title, taste, and description. I chose “Do Not Touch the Flamingos” because it was inspired by Welcome to Night Vale. I highly recommend stopping in. The patio is an amazing place. Corn hole, huge Jenga, and random other games to occupy your mind while drinking your beer. Go in the summer, stay late on the patio and just be.

3. Perry Street Brewery-Spokane, WA

I just had to rep a few in my hometown! Perry Street is one of those places where you can sit for hours, drink beer and have a good conversation. They have games available for you to play while you do so, a pet-friendly patio, and awesome rotating choices. My favorite is the Saison, which isn’t always on tap. I also recommend the Kolsch.

2. Tin Man Brewing– Evansville, IN

Tin Man is my choice of hangout here in Evansville. It’s robot themed. Do I need to say more? OK, well it has stainless steel tables and wooden chairs. Kids welcome, they will love the food. You can get a BYOB- Build your own burger, which you can put basically anything on (tater tots included) The beer ranges from light, with the Circuit Bohemian Pilsner, to the dark end Café Leche Milk and Coffee Porter. Patio is great in the spring/summer months, and bring your pups! They allow dogs on the patio.

1.River City Brewing– Spokane, WA

It’s a small, private, tucked away little gem in Downtown Spokane. The tables are made out of bicycle wheel trims, and all over the walls are quotes about everything you can imagine. I fell in love with this Brewery a few years ago. I have been drunk there a time or two. I’ve somehow been lucky enough to get this as the location for my wedding next October. My favorite beer of all time comes from here, Girlfriend Golden Ale. They also have a mean Huckleberry Ale. Stop by any time of the year. The staff is super nice, and they make you feel like family. The good kind of family.


There you have it! My list of Top Five breweries that I have visited.. so far. I plan on making many more stops on this journey. Please share some of your favorites!

Until next time beer snobs!

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
A Washingtonian born and raised, trying to make my way in Indiana. A nerd from head to toe. In love with craft beer, horror, and Hall and Oates. Graduate from Academy of Art University with a degree in Screenwriting. Find me on Twitter and Instagram @Nightynight34