December is for Defending with DEFENDERS: THE BEST DEFENSE

This December, Marvel is uniting the original Defenders squad to save our solar system and because, you know, nostalgia!

That’s right, they’re back! The team of Doctor Strange, Silver Surfer, Namor and (Immortal) Hulk will once again come together to take on the forces of evil. Each character will get his own one-shot, which will ultimately bring them all together in a new series, Defenders: The Best Defense.

The premise for the team comes together in the synopsis for the first team issue, in that, it appears as if each member will take on its own villain unique to each character issue, while a mysterious cosmic entity, The Train, seems to be pulling the strings, “The Lost Atlanteans. The Train. The Bedsheet Man. Dead Steve. The Stock Exchange of Souls. Trust us, it all makes sense. In fact, it makes enough sense to destroy our entire solar system…unless four very different heroes can come together to stop it.”


Hulk: Defenders #1 and Namor: Defenders #1 go on sale Dec. 5, while Doctor Strange: Defenders #1 and Silver Surfer: Defenders #1 will be available on Dec. 12. Each individual one-shot will feature its own unique story, but ultimately weave an arc that will culminate with the Defenders: The Best Defense #1, which lands on shelves on Dec. 19.

Check out the full Marvel interview with the Defenders: The Best Defense creative team of Al Ewing and Joe Bennett, HERE, which also includes two exclusive first-looks at the series.

What do you think, are you excited the band is getting back together? Would you like to see this team take on the Avengers in yet another Civil War? How about a show featuring this team for the new Disney+? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Michael Stagno
Michael Stagno
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