Deathstroke Is Off Limits In The DC TV Universe

Arrow‘s co-showrunner Marc Guggenheim, made an interesting comment on his Tumblr during a Q&A about the future Slade Wilson (Deathstroke) in the DC Television Universe.

“The character of Slade Wilson is currently tied up in another DC project,” said Guggenheim.

What is this other project that Guggenheim speaks of? His statement could mean that Warner Bros. has plans for Slade in the DC Cinematic Universe. It wouldn’t be a large stretch of the imagination to see Deathstroke in Suicide Squad. Justice League: Part One could be another point in the cinematic universe for an appearance by Slade. The film is set to come out on November 17, 2017.

Deadpool vs Deathstroke


One other thought, Warner Bros. could be shelving the character while Deadpool mania is going on. Deadpool and Deathstroke have a similar look and name. Also, the Deathstroke costume in the Arrow Universe does not work at all, especially since the series teased a much more comic book looking version at the beginning. The Deathstroke costume in Arrow comes across like a lazy cosplayer and not a Terminator.

Where do you think Deathstroke will turn up next?

Deathstroke Arrow

Matthew Sardo
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