Top 5 Actors To Play Cable In ‘Deadpool 2’

Which Actor Would Play The Best ‘Cable’ In The Deadpool Sequel?

With the news of Deadpool getting a sequel, there was also news of another iconic mutant we will see in the future film. Cable, the telepathic & telekinetic marksmen, will be joining his “frenemy” Deadpool in Cables’ first big-screen appearance! A former member of The X-Men & archenemy of the villain Apocalypse, Cable is probably best known for his ongoing comic series titled ‘Cable & Deadpool.’ The pairing is a wonderful juxtaposition of personalities and their relationship would work well in a film format.

But which actor should join Ryan Reynolds’ in this future Deadpool sequel?

Below are 5 top actors who should fill in the boots of the one-eyed X-Men:

Honorable Mentions: Tom Hardy, Karl UrbanStephen Lang, Liam Neeson

5. Sean Bean
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-Sean Bean is known for never making it out of a show or movie alive but as Cable, it’s almost guaranteed he’d leave the film in one piece. The former ‘Game Of Thrones’ actor hasn’t made it to a comic film; playing Cable in Deadpool 2 would be the best way to break into the genre. While this rugged-looking actor is selective with his film roles, he has the attitude for a perfect Cable.

4. Kurt Russell
An acting legend, Kurt Russell would truly shine in the role of Cable. The notorious ass kicker has been an action-star for decades and a turn as Cable would be another amazing role for Russell. He’s one of the few actors who could hold his own against the attention-seeking Deadpool and his humorous banter with Reynolds would be a must-see.

3. Ron Perlman
-Known for playing ‘Hellboy‘, Ron Perlman is famously badass. That badass-ness would easily turn into one of the best comic character adaptations of all time if he landed the role of Cable. Ron Perlman without any makeup already resembles Cable; now add the talented art department that brought Deadpool to life and we have our perfect Cable in Perlman.

2. Ray Stevenson
-Ray Stevenson looks, sounds, and is built like the perfect fit for Cable. Though he is only really known for previously playing The Punisher in Punisher: War Zone, Stevenson surely has the skills to play Cable. Once playing a gun-toting Marvel character, Cable is just another gun-toting Marvel character but this role would allow him to be seen by a larger audience.

1. Jon Hamm
-Handpicked by the Deadpool co-creator Robert Liefeld, Jon Hamm is one of the most solid choices to play Cable. The Emmy-winning Mad Men actor could use another franchise to dive into it and Deadpool is the exact franchise to join. Hamm is one of the most recognizable actors in Hollywood right now so joining Deadpool would bring mainstream attention to the film.

Is there an actor you would love to see as Cable in the upcoming Deadpool sequel?!
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