DC’s RWBY Rewards Its Fanbase For Their Commitment

The biweekly issues of DC’s RWBY based on Rooster Teeth’s animated series have reached their ninth short story and is taking full advantage of its side by side release with the show’s newest season.

RWBY has followed a different release pattern than most comic books. Half the issues come out biweekly, as a “chapter” and then the print release with both chapters combined roughly a month later. While the comic takes place in the past. Roughly between the times of Seasons 3 and 4 of the series. The past two releases have been exploring stories that have only just been discovered in the show, and even included a character we’ve only just seen this past week.


(Spoiler warning for RWBY Volume 7 and DC’s RWBY, additionally spoiler warning as the latest episode of RWBY Volume 7, “Cordially Invitedwill be discussed. At this time Cordially Invitedis only available for Rooster Teeth First Members)

“Chapter 7” of the comic explores Yang and Blake’s relationship, which has been progressing rapidly in RWBY Volume 7, closely with a story from their school days in Beacon. With the commotion about the possibility of them becoming more than friends, as it has been nudged at a lot this season. Using this issue of the comic to analyze their history does seem to imply a lot more is coming for fans of the “Bumblebee” ship.

Yang literally sees Blake like this. I’m pretty sure they’re trying to push this ship for the readers. This is bordering Yang’s eyes take the shape of hearts as Blake passes by.

This chapter does more than just foreshadow romance. However, I enjoyed the layers that it added to Blake’s character that the show doesn’t really have the time to stop and examine. During their not-date (it’s totally a date), Blake opens up to Yang about the books she reads and why she likes them so much and analyzes some of their themes with her, and it really gives you a side of the character we don’t get to see in the animation. Despite usually having a book on her person in early seasons.

RWBY tends to delve into characters’ personalities and traits only in relation to how it affects the “now” of the narrative and not letting us get to know much more than that. Though given the short air times and limitations that come with it, prioritizing the “now” seems to be essential for the story’s pacing and progression, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Be that as it may, having the comic dive deeper into its cast, not just showing us their hobbies and interests but telling us why they like to do these things, and what it means to their character adds so much more to stories they tell. Readers are rewarded with these details they would have otherwise never received.

In just two panels, the writer gives so much more to Blake’s character. Just the sheer amount of passion she puts into explaining why she likes these stories tells us she loves the thrill of the horror, but likes to know she’s not in danger, she analyzes the deeper meanings and thinks about them showing she’s very intelligent. These are layers we never got in the show.

“Chapter 9” came out digitally on Christmas day this week, following last week’s episode of the animated show, and both include a character we’ve only just seen for the first time. Willow Schnee, Weiss’ mother, first revealed in the animation and then explored after in this most recent chapter in the DC comic.

Willow Schnee appearing in the comic just after her debut, was a smart move for many reasons. Willow’s character does not drastically change the story arc in this season. Adding her into the comic is an excellent way to present Weiss’ history with her and give us a deeper, more thorough understanding of their relationship without taking all the extra time to do so for the short episode airtime the show has.

Willow certainly has the same Schnee energy that Weiss had in the beginning of the show, just times like 1000

Having the comic show all these details and fill in the gaps is a fun bonus for devoted fans. While all of this info is not made absolutely necessary for progressing the story, it’s still made available for anyone with interest. Though that is not the primary job of the comic, having these stories take place within it adds to the enjoyment of them.

As DC’s RWBY continues, we get to see writer Marguerite Bennett explore the large cast of the series and exceed expectations with the levels of understanding who they are. As the RWBY Volume 7 continues side by side with the comic, it will be interesting to see what else will cross over between the two. I’m hoping the comic covers where Neo Politan was between season 3 and season 4. Time will tell as it continues, and RWBY Volume 7 comes closer and closer to its finale slotted for February 1st.

What do you want to see cross over between RWBY Volume 7 and DC’s RWBY? Let us know in the comment section.


Samuel Pratt
Samuel Pratt
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