DC Comics Teases New Imprint ‘The Wild Storm’ Curated By Warren Ellis

Monkeys Fighting Robots
On February 15, THE WILD STORM, DC’s newest pop-up imprint curated by Warren Ellis, will debut with its flagship title of the same name. The series will be written by Ellis with art by Jon Davis-Hunt.

Start your speculating now comic fans. Readers will remember that Wildstorm was the name of Jim Lee’s creator-owned line of books at Image Comics. The line gave birth to, among many things, characters like Midnighter and Apollo, who debuted in The Authority (actually also written by Ellis). Wildstorm was eventually successfully sold and folded into the DC Universe. Midnighter in particular was a critical hit. The comics publisher has had recent success with its other curated imprint, Young Animal, so perhaps this will follow suit? Check out the images below and tell us what you think!

1. Wild Storm Preview

2. Wild Storm Preview

3. Wild Storm Preview

4. Wild Storm Preview

5. Wild Storm Preview

6. Wild Storm Preview

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