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Sunday is always a sad day for weekend conventions because you know it’s over at the end of the day. The great thing that Heroes and Villains Fan Fest does is make the experience so personable and intimate. Everything is on one floor so it is easy to navigate and the celebrities and vendors in attendance are always accommodating. The event was definitely a pleasure to cover. We met some great people and will have even more for you next week.

Original Team Arrow Panel (Stephen Amell, David Ramsey and Emily Bett Rickards)

For Emily Bett Rickards, her appearance in Atlanta was her first Heroes and Villains Fan Fest in the U.S. Stephen Amell said his favorite thing about conventions is the parent’s facial expressions and excitement after he meets their children, while David Ramsey reiterated to the fans that, “We never take your stories for granted. We love meeting everyone at HVFF”. The three of them recalled their favorite scenes in which Amell’s was seeing David & Emily work well together for the first time while Oliver was in a coma in Season 2, Ramsey’s was walking on the beach together at the end of Season 2 and Rickard’s said her moment was when Diggle slipped on the floor in Ep. 14, back in Season 1. Amell also mentioned that his scariest stunt is coming up this season, namely in Episode 9, when he will perform it 20-feet up.

Gotham Panel (Drew Powell, David Mazouz and James Remar)

David Mazouz made a Rick and Morty reference during the panel, comparing his Bruce Wayne’s character’s transformation this season to that of characters on the show. He also reminisced on his favorite scene to date, which was his Hall of Mirrors scene with Jerome last season. Drew Powell said big things are in store for his Solomon Grundy character and touched on his most-recent episode where his fight scene had 110 extras in it. James Remar noted how much of a pleasure it was to have appeared on Gotham. He has a satisfying knowledge of the progression of the Batman character, from the comics, to television, to the movie screen. His comics knowledge, in general, was on display as he recalled when the Hulk turned grey for a spell to which the young Mazouz asked, “The Hulk was grey?”.

Check out some of your cosplay costumes from HVFF on Sunday, below.

Until next time, Atlanta!