Dave Filoni’s Epic Speech From Star Wars Celebration


Star Wars Celebration is over with little fanfare as not much was announced or revealed, but if you were lucky enough to attend the Star Wars REBELS press conference you witnessed an epic speech from Executive Producer Dave Filoni.

If you were not there, watch the video above.

Filoni received loud applause from the cast, press, and fans in attendance. If you watch the video closely the director ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ gets a little emotional towards the end, and his passion comes through. Read the transcript below:

“The Force is the core of Star Wars and you have to be careful if you answer too many questions about it. Belief in the Force itself is part of what drives it. Not everybody in the Star Wars universe believes in it, which is interesting, because its actions and abilities are on display quite often so you think “why doesn’t everybody believe in it?” What so hard about Han Solo that he doesn’t believe in the Force when the Jedi Knights weren’t so long ago as we find out in the prequels. Because it takes discipline and training and crafting and commitment and faith to believe in this thing. That it gives you power, that it flows through you, it’s in all of you, you all have it to some degree. Some people, like Anakin, are more gifted and that’s great but also dangerous.

And I think what we’ll explore in season four is we get to the depth of Kanan’s commitment and Ezra’s commitment to the Force, is that ultimate choice. Do you become more dangerous and fall to wickedness? Or do you, in the face of fear, turn to good? Fear is the root of all evil, fear destroys everything, fear makes you make decisions you would not make, fear makes you think you’re making good decisions when they’re poor decisions because you’re afraid. And if you take nothing else away from Star Wars you should make no decision out of fear. When the Emporer stands before you and has destroyed your father and ruined your life and you’re powerless and he made you hate your father almost, and you throw him down. You must remember, at that critical point, to say “I’m going to throw my weapon away because I love the person next to me, I love my father, I love my mother, and nothing you do can destroy that. Nothing.” And you stand on your commitment, and then that inspires Anakin to help, that is what inspires the love, which is something evil does not understand. That’s the core of Star Wars and that is the power that you can’t possibly imagine if you’re evil that Obi-Wan speaks of, so maybe we’ll get to that.” said Filoni.

‘Star Wars REBELS’ returns this fall for its fourth and final season.

Destinies are revealed

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