New ‘The Dark Tower’ Teaser Reveals Connections To Other Stephen King Tales

"Go now, there are other worlds than these."

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As a HUGE Dark Tower fan, I am very apprehensive about the upcoming movie adaptation. Those of us who have read the mammoth series know there is no way it can all be done. However, this latest teaser gives me some more hope as it highlights one of the best details about The Dark Tower. In the book series, Roland and his Ka-Tet travel through several other Stephen King worlds and encounter characters from other novels, some of which play vital roles. This new trailer (dubbed Connected KINGdom) seems to reveal that aspect is very much a part of the film. Watch it below.

Pretty cool right? Those are direct references to The Shining, IT, Carrie, The Shawshank Redemption and The Stand (whose villain is actually Randall Flagg, a character also The Dark Tower series).

What do you guys think? Will these connection be a big part of the story? Or is it just a tease for fans? Guess we will find out on August 4th!  Comment and discuss below!

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