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Matt Murdock’s twin, mind reading Inhumans, dog kidnapping, and the Trapster all in this week’s DAREDEVIL #607 as Charles Soule resurrects a fake persona of Matt Murdock’s from the 60’s while creatively figuring out how to bring it into continuity. Let’s take a look at Soule’s genius!

WRITTEN BY: Charles Soule
ART BY: Phil Noto
LETTERS: Clayton Cowles




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DD 607-1


Daredevil finds his fake identity from the 60’s standing across from him at a bar. Confused beyond belief, Daredevil throws out scenarios as to who this could be, but nothing seems to stick. So, after a bar fight with Trapster, Speed Demon, Overdrive, and White Rabbit, Daredevil knocks out Mike Murdock and takes him to an Inhuman telepath.

The telepath searches Mike Murdock’s mind and notices that this guy genuinely believes he’s Matt Murdock’s twin. Continuing to have no answers, Daredevil takes Mike Murdock back to the hideout of the team he created the last issue to stop the Kingpin. It turns out; the Reader accidentally created him by reading a line of text from Matt Murdock’s journal. Oops! If things couldn’t get worse, Mike Murdock breaks out of the hideout kidnaps Reader’s dog, and escapes in a crowd. The issue ends with Mike Murdock confronting Foggy Nelson in his office.

DD 607-2

The Goods

Soule is stunningly creative in this issue. He took a throwaway story from almost 50 plus years ago and weaved it into continuity. This wasn’t any old concept. Soule figures out a way to create an evil twin brother of Matt Murdock from a fake identity Matt used to stop people from thinking he was Daredevil. Soule is freakin’ nuts! Who thinks of that? Better yet, who thinks LIKE that?

Soule’s idea behind creating a doppelgänger of Matt should have been convoluted and made absolutely no sense at all. However, Soule lays it out masterfully with exact detail and reasoning as to why and how this happened. Granted, it’s comic books, but it makes sense. I seriously left this issue laughing because I bought it. Soule is thorough, concrete, and gives supportive evidence in the issue to make this work.

Heck, the easy solution would have been to use a shapeshifter, life-model decoy, or some magic but Soule goes above and behind to make this work without the easiest solutions. Plus, Soule introduces the obvious options at the beginning of the issue when Daredevil screams those possibilities at Mike Murdock but again takes a detour on that idea leaving the readers awestruck as to what’s going on.  After reading this issue, writers are probably jealous of Soule’s imaginative storytelling. This plot was crazy-good!

DD 607-3

The Art

Phil Noto’s art always appears so casual and smooth. Also, his characters facial expressions are fantastically detailed and set the tone of the narrative so well. On page 6, readers can feel how angry Daredevil is through the issue as well as see every crinkle and texture on the characters faces.

Occasionally, Noto’s art appears more like a portrait while his panels seem stationary making it difficult to judge the movement of the characters. That said, Noto’s lines are always clean and clear while his colors blend so well together grabbing the reader’s attention.

His colors are perfectly chosen to help depict Daredevil’s perspective, visualize his powers, and introduce past events in the timeline.  Between Noto’s art and Clayton Cowles lettering, fans are never lost or confused from panel to panel or time frame to time frame. Furthermore, how could anyone complain about a guy (Noto) who did touch up work for THE LION KING and POCAHONTAS? Seriously!

DD 607-4

Should you buy this issue and/ or add this to your pull list?

Yes! Daredevil has had its ups and downs from issue to issue, but Soule‘s run has been consistent. Overall, this comic is always exciting and fun to read. Noto’s art is never off and fans know exactly what they’re going to get. So, readers should absolutely add this to their pull list.

As for this single issue, you need to buy it. Even if you haven’t been following along with this comic, it’s still total genius watching Soule connect a made-up identity and morphing it into a real character in the Marvel Universe who could be around forever. However, I recommend buying DAREDEVIL #606 with it to get the full effect. Excellent job to everyone involved in this issue.

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daredevil-607-review-it-just-makes-senseMatt Murdock’s twin, mind reading Inhumans, dog kidnapping, and the Trapster all in this week’s DAREDEVIL #607 as Charles Soule resurrects a fake persona of Matt Murdock’s from the 60’s while creatively figuring out how to bring it into continuity. Let’s take a look at Soule’s...