Donald Trump, Hamilton, Stranger Things: 2016’s Craziest Moments

2016 Has Been Called One Of The Craziest Years Ever!

When everything is said and done, 2016 will be known as the craziest year in recent memory. So much has happened since January that most people are crawling their way through December in hopes to get to 2017.

There’s been some amazing albums, memorable TV shows, and polarizing movies but there’s no shortage of not-so-great moments.

The January 10th, 2016 death of David Bowie really kicked off the insanity. Then came the election. That hung over 2016 like a dark cloud and followed everywhere.


Now as 2016 comes to an end, it’s time to reflect on all the drama. Let’s embrace the madness and see the 10 craziest moments of the year.

Honorable Mentions:

– #OscarsSoWhite

– Harambe Meme

– Mass amount of celebrity deaths (Carrie Fisher, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali)

10. Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins An Oscar

– Some major losing streaks were been beaten in 2016. One of the most glorious ones is when Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar after a much-talked bout losing streak at The Academy Awards. Who knew all it would take was fighting a bear?

9. “Battle of the Bastards” On ‘Game Of Thrones’

– One of the best ‘Game Of Thrones‘ episodes ever, “Battle of the Bastards” is an epic. Critics named it a masterpiece and it’s received a record amount of Emmy nominations. The 25 day production took over 600 crew members to complete.

8. Beyonce’s Lemonade

– When Lemonade by Beyonce dropped, it took over the world. The concept album about a cheating husband caused people all over social media to speculate if there was any truth. Also, the release of lead single “Formation” is a game-changer.

7. The Death Of Prince

– 2016 had too many infamous celebrity deaths. From Fidel Castro to most recently Debbie Reynolds, there’s been some notable loses. No death hit fans as hard the shocking death of Prince did. His musical legacy won’t be forgotten!

6. Pokemon Go

– If you saw someone with their face firmly planted in their phone this year, it’s more than likely that they’re playing Pokemon Go. The anime and video game franchise has been going strong since the 90’s but this is an epic mainstream return.

5. Stranger Things

– It feels like 1980’s Spielberg when you watch ‘Stranger Things’. From the young cast to the heavy science fiction, it takes you back to a better time in the genre but still remains fresh. More than any show this year, this couldn’t be missed!

4. 2016’s ‘Ghostbusters’ vs The Internet

– 2016 will also be known for some of the craziest Internet movie reactions. When ‘Batman v Superman‘ was released, there was an uproar. Nothing could prepare us for the reaction ‘Ghostbusters‘ received. The hate for it is still vicious.

3. ‘Hamilton’ Takes Broadway

– Broadway hasn’t been this cool is a very long time. ‘Hamilton‘ took musical theatre and pop culture by storm. The show turned creator Lin Manuel Miranda into a household name. It’s also an award season favorite with 11 Tonys.

2. The Cubs Break A 108-Year World Series Drought

– You thought Leo Dicaprio beating a losing streak that lasted a few decades is crazy? Imagine being a Chicago Cub and not winning a World Series since 1908. Last time the Cubs won a championship was when Teddy Roosevelt was in office.

1. President Donald Trump

– Typing that still feels like I’m reviewing a 90’s ‘Simpsons’ episode. 2016 is known for a lot but in the record books, this is the year that elected Donald Trump as President Of The United States. He went from pop culture icon to Chief-of-Staff.

EJ Moreno
EJ Moreno
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