Session Beers: Craft Beer 101 – Continuous Drinking Beers

Spring and summer are just around the corner. This means bonfires, beach days, camping, and road trips. When you are planning on doing a whole lot of beer drinking, and making it an all day activity, Session Beers are for you.

What is a session beer?

According to


This beer style is not defined by flavors or aromas, which can place it in almost any style category. Instead, what makes a session beer is primarily refreshment and drinkability. Any style of beer can be made lower in strength than described in the classic style guidelines. The goal should be to reach a balance between the style’s character and the lower alcohol content. Drinkability is a factor in the overall balance of these beers. Beer should not exceed 5 percent ABV.

This is the type of beer you can drink on a long term basis because the ABV is so low, and it is rich in flavor. Basically, it tastes so good you are going to want more than one.

Travelers Grapefruit Shandy

with a sweet grapefruit taste, and the feel of summer, this juice tasting shandy will keep you company during your session. With an abv od 4.4% you are going to seep coming back for more.

Founders All Day IPA

Sitting at a 4.7% on the ABV scale, this IPA has the hoppy crisp flavor, one that you can drink all day long. It’s also available year round, and in both bottles and cans, including 15 packs for your session needs.

Evil Twin’s Bikini Beer


Coming it at an amazing 2.7% ABV, this is the true session beer. It’s a pale ale, and is as delicious as any other pale ale out there. It makes it easy to drink, smooth and fun bodied.  Also available in bottles and cans as well as all year.

In case you thought session beers were just a brand, or wasn’t really sure what it meant, this article should enlighten and make you want to start your own session.

It was Two Beers founder, Joel VanderBrink who said the now famous quote

“I guess life gets a little more honest after two beers”

and after a nice long session.

Until next time beer snobs!

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
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