Different Glassware for Different Beers: Craft Beer 101

There are more than 32,000 different beers in the world, according to the reviews in The Beer Advocate, and each belongs in a specific glass. Depending on the type of beer, they can be served in the perfect glass to make for the perfect drinking experience.

Today, we discover which beers go where, and why.

Pint: Holds 16 oz. Most popular in American bars. Pints are cheap and easy to manufacture, so the bars can stock up on them more than any other glass. They house all beers when needed.

Pilsner: holds 10-16 ounces. Pilsners are indeed for the beer of their name, as well as pales. They are smaller than the pint glass, depending on head can be even less beer in your cup.

Wheat Beer: Holds 16 oz plus head. Taller than a pint, with a skinny base and widens at the top. The bottom of the glass is tapered, said to hold excess yeast. Glasses hold Wheats, Hefes, Dunkels, Belgian wits, and the occasional pilsner.

Tulip: Holds 10-16 oz. Tulips are made to accentuate the aroma of the beer, while looking pretty and appealing. The top is ideal for head, having a lip so it doesn’t escape. Perfect for IPAs,  Scotch ales, and Pale ales.

Snifter: Holds 12-20 oz. Mainly used for brandy and scotch, the snifter is another great one for the aromic beers. The stem makes it easy to hold, particularly up to your nose to get that extra smell in before ingestion. Stouts, barleywines, triples, bocks, and imperials are all served with snifters.

Tulip Pint:  Holds 12-22 oz. Used in Ireland and England to serve ales. Used here in the US for stouts, Irish ales, porters, and cream ales.

Other glassware includes novelty, over-sized, and beer steins for example.

Next time you have a beer, try having it in the correct glass. It may make the beer experience just a little bit better, even though it can’t get much better than beer.

Until next time beer snobs!

Devon Kenney
Devon Kenney
A Washingtonian born and raised, trying to make my way in Indiana. A nerd from head to toe. In love with craft beer, horror, and Hall and Oates. Graduate from Academy of Art University with a degree in Screenwriting. Find me on Twitter and Instagram @Nightynight34