Should Corelia Fans Just Give up Hope on the New Album Release?

It’s the year 2011 and Corelia blesses us all with their “Nostalgia” EP release. In comparison to what was being released that year, it was simply a fresh of breath air and pure talent. The combination of their intricate and groovy instrumentals along with the genius clash of the brutal vocals and the soulful, spine tingling clean vocals was a contagious cult hit in which rightfully started their passionate fandom.

Years go by as they continue to gain following to their progressive metal style of music in which fans are demanding a full length album or at the VERY LEAST a new track or hint that they are still in active band.

In 2015, Corelia fans thought their prayers were answered as the band releases an update video saying that they are working on a new album. Fans everywhere, (including myself) were beyond stoked and numerous backers started donating to their IndieGoGo fund for the new music.

So a year goes by and… still no album. Their IndieGoGo raised over $33,000 to fund the new 2015 release, along with preorders for various merchandise. Their original goal was only $15,000 in which was surpassed by 223% from all of their dedicated fans.

February 2016 rolls around and another announcement is made explaining that the writing phase is finished and laid out in which led them to a two-disc 90 minute full length album. In addition to this information they explain that they are still an unsigned band in which is prolonging the process.

We saw no substantial reason to rush out a debut LP or to subscribe to the label industry trend of releasing a persistent stream of albums when it was obvious to us that all future success of our band was going to be based around releasing records that live up to the highest quality of our artistic standards.We care very deeply about our vision and the music we create, and were thus intent on being veritably conscientious about our approach towards releasing new, evolved material with the understanding that it would undoubtedly spread on a much vaster scale upon a much more widely established foundation. So, we were determined to have our first full-length album be one with meaningful significance.


All that is left for us to do now is to enter the studio, record the material with some professionals backing us, and have the new album released as soon as logistically possible. We have a solid chunk of investment that we’ll be needing for this release already saved up, but as an independent band, we welcome the support of our fans to invest in the recording, mixing, mastering of the album, visual artist payment, and manufacturing costs. Each contribution will be put towards making this release as great as possible. Virtually all revenue generated by Corelia up to this point has been reinvested back into the band, and any gains from this campaign that aren’t directly allocated towards the creation of the album will be further used to advance our vision by way of funding music videos.

Although all of this news is fantastic, it’s now June and no further updates were given by the band after that February update. Seriously! Nothing on their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. It’s as if they dropped off the face of the earth after that post. I mean without being on a label, I sincerely don’t see what the hold up is on providing the fans with mini snippets or hints at what things are going to sound like. There are many unsigned local bands who don’t have that sort of support whatsoever, yet can dish out a teaser here and there.

And what’s incredible to me is the complete patience the fans are maintaining throughout this whole process. Many are still writing to their Facebook page with no answers, yet only a few are actually bad mouthing the band in this whole process. Although I sincerely want this album to come out, the lack of updates are starting to concern me as a fan. It would be just a real shame if the album never gets produced and furthering the detriment within the withering metal community. I still have faith in which I would like to believe genuine talent will always prevail, but I can only hold my breath for so long..



Stephany Slaughter
Stephany Slaughter
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