Coming This Fall: The Asterisk War

It’s time for another Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Harem, School, Light Novel adaptation, just like yesterday’s, this time we also have some Action, Sci-fi, Fantasy, and Supernatural genres thrown in, may I introduce you to The Asterisk War.

The synopsis reads: “The Academy City on the water, Rikka (otherwise known as Asterisk) is the world’s largest stage for the integrated battle entertainment, “Star Wars Festival.” The young boys and girls of the “Starpulse Generation” belonging to the six academies made their wishes with Shining Armaments in their hands, vying for supremacy—Amagiri Ayato is one of them. Ayato arrived at Rikka at the invitation of the Student Council President of the Seidoukan Academy, Claudia, and right after that he incurred the wrath of the “Petalblaze Witch” Julis, and ended up having to duel her. The greatest academy battle entertainment, begins here!” (Source)

Asterisk Body 1
Just in case you thought it wouldn’t be your typical Light Novel Adaptation

Animated by A-1 Pictures (Anohana, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso) and directed by Manabu Ono (The Irregular at Magic Highschool).


(Yes the trailer is English, supposedly it was revealed at an American con)

The visuals are very good looking, which isn’t a surprise, and the music sounded pretty swell too. But, considering some of the staffs history (notably Mr. Ono), I don’t think a good production will guarantee a good show.

The Asterisk War will begin airing October 3rd, 2015 for the Fall 2015 Season.

GJ Corban
GJ Corban
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