Coming this Fall: Lance N’ Masques

As the month comes to an end and the upcoming Fall season approaches, excitement for what this season has in store is beginning to grow. But I’m not done covering some lesser known shows. So, before the month changes to the 10th, allow me to cover the action show Lance N’ Masques, you might just find it interesting.

Synopsis: “Yōtarō Hanafusa is a young man who is part of the last remaining order of knights in the 21st century, “Knights of the World.” As he fights as the mysterious Knight Lancer, he must hide his identity behind a mask. One day he meets a girl named Makio Kidōin, and when finding that she lives alone, decides to watch over her.”

Lance N’ Masques will be animated by Studio Gokumi (Saki Episode of Side AThe Severing Crime Edge), directed by Kyohei Ishiguro (Episode 9 of Psycho-Pass, Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso), and adapted from a manga by Hideaki Yokaso (GJ ClubHimouto! Umaruchan).


I have to be a little honest here, I am not a fan of the art style. It’s pretty freakin’ ugly. Not to mention Studio Gokumi doesn’t have the best record  (Saki Episode of Side A being their best work), and I’ve never been a fan of the authors work (even if he named one after me).

However, the director for the is responsible for bringing Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso to us. It was his full directorial debut, and it was pretty great. This story seems to be a different style than what the author normally goes for (at least, I hope it’s not just a school slice-of-life), so perhaps we can actually look forward to this.

Masques Body 1

Concerns aside, I plan on watching this solely for the director, and who knows, maybe it’ll be great, maybe it’ll be a dud. We’ll just have to watch and find out.

Lance N’ Masques will begin airing October 2nd, 2015 for the Fall 2015 season.

GJ Corban
GJ Corban
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