Cody Rhodes Lobbying For Inhumans Role

Cody Rhodes Black Bolt
Could Cody Rhodes play Black Bolt?

WWE veteran Cody Rhodes is campaigning for a Marvel role, and this is a very special one.

In fact, it would not require a lot of talking.

During a Bleeding Cool interview, the Arrow actor reveals he would like to play Black Bolt in the upcoming Inhumans series. According to Rhodes, “The idea that a simple, spoken word could blow a room up is just… I dig everything that is Black Bolt.”


As a diehard comic book fan, Rhodes cites Black Bolt as one of his favourite characters. While he doesn’t go into detail, he confirms plans to expand his acting career, and he hints at lobbying to play Black Bolt.

“I will fully disclose that I have been actively pursuing a couple of roles, that being one,” he says. “So that would mean the world to me if that were to happen. And we’re actively looking into it. I’m all about it.”


Physically, Rhodes has the stature and presence for Black Bolt, but it remains to be seen if he fits the part. The character chooses not to speak, because the shockwaves of his voice can destroy a city. His brain produces a particle that disrupts the proton interaction field. Because of this power, Black Bolt remains vigilant at all times, relying on telepathy to communicate with the Inhumans.

Rhodes is known for his appearance on Arrow‘s fifth season. His role is the notorious drug dealer Derek Sampson, who’s trying to sell his “Stardust” product. Although there are no plans to bring Sampson back, Rhodes explains he is open to reprising his role. He praises producer Greg Berlanti’s work in creating a unified tv universe.

Cody Rhodes

“I would love to be part of the Arrowverse, Star City, again as Derek Sampson, or even part of something like Legends of Tomorrow,” Rhodes says. “I’m a lifelong comic book reader, and they were very excited about the episode and how it turned out. So I’d say there’s a good chance.”

Marvel’s Inhumans will premiere in September 2017.

Black Bolt
I guess this means we can rule out Vin Diesel as Black Bolt
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