Chuck Palahniuk Explains Why He Chose Comics For ‘Fight Club 2’

The author of Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk spoke to Alex Zalben of MTV News about his current project Fight Club 2 by Dark Horse Comics.

Palahniuk explains why he chose the comic book medium for the sequel.

“You know, because there was such a following and such an attachment to the book and to the movie that I thought, ’If a sequel is going to attain its own authority, it would have to be in a fresh medium, so it couldn’t be compared directly to either the book or the movie.’

And number two, I wanted kind of a collaborative process. I didn’t want to sit in isolation and write another book. And I wanted to be able to depict really challenging, gruesome or edgy things without having to make them as literal as they have to be made in a movie. With an artist like Cameron Scott who’s a little cartoon-y, it gives me wiggle room, a little unreality, so that people can be with really confronting things without being emotionally exhausted and closing the book,” said Palahniuk.

Cameron Stewart will handle the artwork for the book, with colors by Dave Stewart and covers by David Mack.
Fight Club 2 will have prelude issue on Free Comic Book Day, and then issue one will be out May 27.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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