Chido Comics Launches Kickstarter For ‘Joey Ryan: Big in Japan!’ Comic

“Chido Comics Is Bringing Sleazy Back To Comics”

The world of professional wrestling & comic books are a natural pairing. All the big characters in wrestling closely resembles the bold characters in comics but none are bigger and bolder than wrestler Joey Ryan! Now, you can finally see the “King of Dong Style” in comic form presented by Chido Comics.

Independent publishing company Chido Comics recently launched their Kickstarter for a project based on the “sleaziest wrestler in the business” Joey Ryan. The company previously teamed with Lucha Underground to bring wrestlers like Vampiro, Mil Muertes, and even Rey Mysterio to comics. Now, they plan on another project but this one seems a little different than the ones before.

Check out the link to the Chido Comics Kickstarter and official site below!

“Joey lends himself well to a variety of storytelling possibilities and we found what is, in my opinion, the perfect take. It’s gonna get weird. But the result, as long as we get funded, is going to be a comic about a wrestler dragging himself back from the brink. He’s just gonna do that by way of dick flips and a whole lot of sleaze, neon, baby oil, and one-liners.”
(Writer) Tres Dean

About “Joey Ryan: Big in Japan!”:
“Joey Ryan was pro wrestling’s king of sleaze – until five years ago, when a match gone wrong left his tag team partner crippled and one of his opponents dead. Now he spends his days looking for answers at the bottom of bottles in Tokyo bars. But when he hears that his old nemesis is back in town, he decides it’s time to get back in the ring. And there’s only one way they can settle their score – in a Japanese Death Match! Witness Joey Ryan’s redemption in JOEY RYAN: BIG IN JAPAN by Tres Dean and Jamie Jones, launching this April 4, 2017 from Chido Comics.”

About Chido Comics:
Chido Comics is an independent publishing company founded in 2016 which focus is to publish a wide variety of licensed & creator-owned comic books and graphic novels. Our goal is to publish stories by up-and-coming, talented and diverse creative teams. Along with your support, we can join forces and help some of the best independent artists bring their work to life as they intended without limitations or restrictions.

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