Casting Namor: The Sub-Mariner for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Namor, The Sub-Mariner was created by Marvel Comics (then known as Timely Comics) in 1939, one of Marvel’s earliest creations along with Captain America and Bucky during the second World War. The film rights have long been a subject of discussion between fans and the industry alike with Marvel Studios chief, Kevin Feige himself claiming the film rights were confusing. However in a recent interview Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer, Joe Quesada stated, Marvel has the rights.

Namor is a character with an incredibly rich history within the comics, as the half-human, half-atlantean ruler of the submerged and lost city of Atlantis he maintains strong connections to the Avengers, Fantastic 4 and the X-Men while serving as both ally and enemy to said teams. Throughout the years Namor has either been portrayed as a short-fused superhero, or a hostile invader who is protective of his under water home nation. Often cited as the very first anti-hero of comic books Namor could best serve initially as an antagonist to the Avengers only to later join forces with the likes of Iron Man and Captain America in order to fight a much greater threat.

With such a beloved and important character from the comics, Marvel Studios will have to find the right actor who can bring the arrogance and gravitas that Namor is best known for. Lets take a look at a couple of options.

Luke Evans


Possibly best known for his turn as Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit trilogy and slightly more recently as Dracula in Dracula Untold, Luke Evans has showed his ability to convincingly portray both conflicted hero and villain. This experience alone would serve any actor taking on the role of Namor in the MCU. Evans, definitely looks like a Hollywood leading man but has failed to find the right role so far in his career.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers


Irish actor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been known mainly as a supporting actor in film, with only a few lead roles to his name. His performance as King Henry VIII on the Showtime produced, The Tudors proves he has everything needed to play the arrogant and powerful ruler of Altantis in the MCU. Along with King Henry, Meyers has also played Dracula, Elvis Presley and will soon take on the role of Joe Strummer of The Clash. Meyers clearly knows how to take on a pre-conceived acting role.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt


Joseph Gordon-Levitt has long been touted to make the jump into becoming a major movie star, but he currently remains on the periphery of super stardom. An actor with serious acting ability that remains immensely popular with audiences, Joseph Gordon-Levitt most notably proved he can play a darker heroic character in Rian Johnson’s Looper. Well versed in both intensely dramatic and comedic roles that would serve him well in the MCU, he has also proved he can hold his own alongside other talented performers in ensemble films such as, Inception and The Dark Knight Rises.

Who do you think should play Namor in the MCU? 

Chris Hartmann
Chris Hartmann
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