‘Captain America: Civil War’ Super Bowl Spot

Marvel just released the Super Bowl spot for Captain America: Civil War. In total its only about 30 seconds of actual footage but its all new and its fantastic. This is how trailers should be done. Barley any dialogue and just enough to make you ask more questions and want to see the film now.

Couple of things to watch out for. The look on Tony’s face when Bucky tries to shoot him point-blank but most importantly check out Ant-Man in the line up with Team Cap. It also looks like he’s snagged himself an upgrade to the suit.

I’ll end this with a simple, well-played Marvel, well-played.

Now for your viewing pleasure

[embedyt] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G22asv2aGbY[/embedyt]

Lee Westney
Lee Westney
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