Boom! Studios Announce New Power Rangers Ongoing


One of the best super-hero books on the shelves this past year has been Boom! Studios’ take on Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. The company is well-known for its compelling and refreshing takes on beloved licensed properties, but something about the Rangers resonated with the public. Focusing on a single continuous “Green Ranger: Year One” arc, the series has consistently delivered on presenting the spandex clad teenagers with attitude in a mature, rather than gritty, light. It was Power Rangers with the stakes and scale that we remembered, even if our memories were playing tricks on us. Now, more than a year after its launch, Boom! Studios have announced that another ongoing series will be joining its expanding Power Rangers portfolio.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers like its sister-series will be set in the original Mighty Morphin’ era shortly after the events of the first episode: Day of the Dumpster. Whereas the first series focused on Green Ranger:Tommy Oliver’s introduction to the team, this new entry will center around the original five rangers as they learn to balance their school life with their duties as super-heroes. The book will feature the combined talents of writer;Ryan Parrott (Star Trek: Starfleet Academy) and artist; Dan Mora (WWE, Klaus). The stated goal of the series according to Parrott will be to tell “more personal, intimate character stories” than those that would have been featured in the original show. Much like its sister-series, it seems that the creative team are looking to create a book that keeps the spirit of the Power Rangers alive, but reflects modern story-telling sensibilities and present us with the show as we perceived it, rather than the reality in all of its cheesey-glory.

This is not the first time that Boom! Studios have sought to delve deeper into the Power Rangers toy-box. Last year also saw the release of Pink, a mini-series featuring Kimberly Hart: the original Pink Ranger, coming out of retirement to save an isolated French village from the clutches of the evil Goldar. Just last month, the publisher also launched Power Rangers: Aftershock, a standalone, sequel/tie-in to the series’ live-action film incarnation which Parrot also worked on. While it may be disappointing that Boom! Studios did not dig a little deeper into the series long history, the idea of a true “Year One” arc for the original team is sure to entice both new and returning fans. It’s safe to say “It’s Morphin’ Time”.

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers will debut in July 2017.


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