Bomb Queen Trump Card ends much like it begins... giving no scores to people who follow or criticize it. The fourth issue just closes out to do what it wants.

BOMB QUEEN TRUMP CARD #4: The Perfect Trashy Ending

Bomb Queen Trump Card #4 is the grand finale to a mini-series that gives zero bullspeak about anything. Jimmie Robinson ends his series on brand by keeping things minimal.

Bomb Queen Trump Card #4: What A Twist!

If there’s one thing Robinson does more than anything with Bomb Queen, it’s that he never apologizes. Keeping his stories simple is what allows him to bounce back from any plot holes. When the mini-series’ plot seems to be coming together near the end, Bomb Queen Trump Card #4 goes out of its way to troll readers. Not to make them feel bad, mind you, Bomb Queen never takes itself seriously; continuity and character identifications are elements purely for parody. Even before the twist ending, there are little blink-and-you’ll-miss moments in the issue that reveal it was planned. Because how did characters other than Bomb Queen get meta-knowledge of past events in issue/volume form? In the end, nobody really cares; readers like myself want to laugh at the absurd hijinks.

Just Enjoy It For What It Is

Robinson shares this feeling of not giving a hoot in just one page of Bomb Queen Trump Card #4 before the climax. In it is an eight-panel 2×4 grid that is an abstract discussion between Bomb Queen and Donald Trump. Two or three panels are plot-relevant, but everything else is up to the reader. It almost evokes scenes from Ghibli films, habits that have no plot elements. The only reason they are around is that these characters act like people. There’s nothing special about it at all; it’s just natural.

The lettering also makes everything easy to follow with its sense of blunt honesty. Throughout the issue are the newsreels that have some plot relevancy but just as easily change into news about a viral puppy video. It brings a real sense of nihilism in this issue; the kind of ‘nothing matters’ attitude that plays everything for laughs. Because if absurd things surrounding an election happen in real life like in this comic, it’s healthier to laugh at these settings than despair.

Finish Bomb Queen Trump Card #4

If you’re a casual comic reader with enough tolerance for adult humor and jokes at others’ expense, this issue will reward you. With nihilistic humor being the backbone of the series, any kind of reader is welcome. Unless you’re a reader who expected this series to fit in with continuity or a critic who will slam it for irrelevance, if that’s the case, this issue will roast you.

Jake Palermo
Jake Palermo
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Bomb Queen Trump Card ends much like it begins... giving no scores to people who follow or criticize it. The fourth issue just closes out to do what it wants.BOMB QUEEN TRUMP CARD #4: The Perfect Trashy Ending