Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 is an issue that requires a bit of tolerance to fully grasp the situation. Which involves an intrigue plot that displays the title character's ability to stay on top of things.

BOMB QUEEN TRUMP CARD #3 – Staying Ahead Of The Game

Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 out this week from Image Comics brings Jimmie Robinson’s mini-series to its rising action. By displaying everything the Queen does to push her agenda, the reader sees why she reigns supreme.


Previous issues deal with Bomb Queen running for president against Donald Trump. Even if it is under the bribe/threat of her heroic counterpart White Knight, not that she’s following his plans.

Bomb Queen Trump Card #3: Bluffing Hands Win

With Bomb Queen handling things her way, her confidants/opposers try to get a leg up on her. But no matter what they do, the results only seem to blow up in their faces. Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 only further explores why. Some critics against Bomb Queen say she’s an anti-hero, but this issue reminds readers and critics that she’s a supervillain who outsmarts all who oppose her. What better way to display that than doubling down on her vileness. Still, even stuff like exploding thongs and such are a distraction from her true villainous qualities. What makes the Queen so dangerous is her ability to turn all odds in her favor. By coming to the White Knight in his time of need, she not only secures her place in the election but is in the process of removing his restrain on her.

Nothing Is Too Far!

Robinson gets the chance to show off all of his skills. At one point, he even displays how far he’s come since Bomb Queen’s early days, through the roughs of an issue. His art is extremely emotive, from facial features to character actions, unlike before, where designs were much simpler. Even masked characters have wrinkles in their mask’s designs to display detail. Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 also displays coloring for action scenes as the backgrounds fade away to reflect the character’s color schemes. That way, it tells how characters are the central focus of the immediate narrative. Sometimes just sitting on a red chair is an indicator that White Knight is the one in trouble.

Then there’s arguably some of the less notable but important parts of comic art, lettering. On that page with roughs, Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 goes out of its way to show how Robinson uses both traditional lettering tools and setting them up before inking. It’s why many of the wordmarks look similar but are never the same or get in the way; they’re tailor-made for situations. In particular, one matches the flashbang explosion it accompanies as a natural extension, complete with a Silver Age style design; it looks harmless as comics in that era.

Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 Holds The Detonator

Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 holds everyone’s expectations by the balls, forcing them to pay attention. Because if they dismiss this as just bad girl trash, they miss out on why the Queen rules all. Every action, reaction, and small detail has a purpose that a supervillain takes to her full advantage. One that wins the approval of hardcore fans while compromising her ideals for a bigger payoff that’s coming.

Jake Palermo
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Bomb Queen Trump Card #3 is an issue that requires a bit of tolerance to fully grasp the situation. Which involves an intrigue plot that displays the title character's ability to stay on top of things.BOMB QUEEN TRUMP CARD #3 - Staying Ahead Of The Game