‘Black Science’ Reaches 30 Issues, Better Than Ever

Along with the devastating announcement that Rick Remender and Matteo Scalera’s interdimensional masterpiece Black Science was ending at issue 40 came a promise. Fans were told that the final thirteen issues of the series would “rev up the velocity” and reach depths that no other comic book has. Black Science reaches 30 this week and the duo is living up to their promise as the book is better than ever.

Black Science 30 cvr

Grant McKay is desperately trying to atone for all the selfish mistakes he’s made in his past. He’s trying to save his family and repair the damage he’s done to all of them. McKay’s also responsible for the nonstop wave of death and destruction jumping from dimension to dimension. He’s got a lot on his plate.

Black Science fans are rewarded more and more the deeper into this interdimensional shit storm they get.

Black Science #30 is a culmination of all the mistakes that Grant and his dimensionauts have made during their journey through the layers of the onion. Every betrayal, misunderstanding, shortcut, and misfortune is coming to bite them on the ass. Those who obtained and worship the pillar technology have reached the McKay family on their home world with their sights set on destruction.

Black Science 30 Hong Kong

Writer Rick Remender is a modern day comic book giant; his current line of books should be among every comic fan’s pull list. He and his creative teams deliver on every issue of every series.

We all have a dark side within us, no matter how deep it may be buried. Remender has the ability to pull that darkness and doubt out of his readers and expose it on the pages of his comic books. This is especially the case with Grant McKay.

This milestone issue of Black Science is an action packed thrill ride, where every page satisfies a thread that readers have been invested in for 29 installments. Every turn is another layer of hell that our hero is going to have to dig himself and his family out of.

Black Science 30 Grant

Black Science fans are rewarded more and more the deeper into this interdimensional shit storm they get. There’s a major payoff in almost every panel as we wonder how McKay is going to get himself out of this one.

The supporting cast of this book is complex and constantly evolving. Remender has an unrivaled ability to toy with a reader’s emotions, forcing us to flip back and forth on how we feel about these magnificent scum bags.

When this series ends, there will be a void in every fan’s pull list. There’s no other reading experience like Black Science.

Black Science pillar

Artist Matteo Scalera and colorist Moreno Dinisio are an untouchable duo. Scalera was actually recovering from an injury to his drawing arm while working on this issue. That’s no small feat given that not only is this one of the best looking books in the series, but also one of the best visual experiences in comic books.

You read Black Science for the concept and story, you re-read it to get lost in the art. Every world, creature, and device is so well constructed and thought out. None of the brilliance of this series is by accident, this art team should be the standard for science fiction.

Black Science 30 splash

If you aren’t reading Black Science, you’re depriving yourself of the very best that a comic book can be. If you’ve been reading all along, do your part in spreading the good word and recruit as many dimensionauts as possible. This should be apart of every collector’s library.

There’s only ten issues left. Grant and company are in way over their heads like never before. If this was any indication, we’re in for a wild ride as Black Science¬†heads into its final arc.

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