Big Finish to present Torchwood Season 5


The last time Torchwood graced the small screen was with Miracle Day, in 2011. The series received mixed reviews from fans, but is part of the official canon. Torchwood has been novels and audio drams since then, most recently from Big Finish.

Torchwood fans have warmly received Big Finish audios. Thus far the Torchwood dramas have come from all along the timeline. With much of the original main cast gone by the end of 2009, this has allowed them to bring back fan favorite characters.

Now, however, Big Finish is tackling an even greater challenge. Starting in August, they will begin releasing Torchwood season 5. Still audio dramas, this series will directly follow the events after Miracle Day.

Aliens Among Us will see Jack Harkness and Gwen Cooper returning to Cardiff and restarting Torchwood. But things have changed and new threats loom. Besides Rhys and Andy there will be new characters as well. The series is produced by James Goss and will be released in three parts.