Big Finish Releases John Hurt’s Final Appearance as the War Doctor

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John Hurt’s recent passing was a blow to all those that loved his work. He appeared in many productions across the years. In Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, he played the War Doctor. The War Doctor is a unique regeneration, created to face the Time War. The character himself doesn’t even consider himself The Doctor.

And yet it’s the War Doctor that’s willing to make the hard choice that will end the war. There is still some controversy over the episode. But John Hurt, as always, embodies the character perfectly.

So perhaps it isn’t surprising that when Big Finish gained the rights to tell more stories about the mysterious War Doctor, they happily got to work. John Hurt himself reprises his role in these stories about the Time War. And now Big Finish has released the fourth and final audiobook in the War Doctor series:

The War Doctor and Cardinal Ollistra are stranded far from their Time Lord forces, with Daleks closing in, destroying all that stands between them. They must call on the help of new friends and old to fight their way back to the front lines. From the outer reaches of the galaxy, to the heart of Gallifrey itself, the Doctor finds casualties in every place the Time War has touched. Among them, a fighter, a travelling companion of the distant past, who remembers him quite differently. A warrior woman named Leela…  

The War Doctor: Casualties of War is available now on the Big Finish website. In addition, The Time War Saga, which includes all of the War Doctor adventures, as well an Eighth Doctor prequel, is also available.

What did you think of John Hurt in The Day of the Doctor?