‘Lemonade’ Album Review: Beyonce Goes In For The Kill

Beyonce Is Back!

Queen B Snatches Weaves Once Again.

Lemonade’ is a short film scored to the songs from the latest Beyonce album also titled ‘Lemonade’. Debuting on HBO, Queen B used the network as a launching pad for her new era.

After releasing the controversial “Formation”, the hype for the latest Beyonce album reached an all-time high. Then she announced a tour for an album she had yet to release. This was some of the most intriguing marketing she has done since the sudden release of her 2014 album ‘Beyonce’.

Pray You Catch Me:

-Used as an introduction for the film and the album, the airy vocals of Beyonce welcomes you into this new world she’s created. The song is fairly simple compared to how amazing the rest of the album is but even the worst song on the album is better than some’s best.


Hold Up:

-The first time I heard this, I knew this was instant single material. The lyrics are tinged with the scolding of a cheater but the beat that is under the lyrics is so fun. Probably the most easily accessible song on the album, I can’t wait to see how many people quote “What’s worse? Looking jealous or crazy?” after this.

Don’t Hurt Yourself (ft. Jack White):

This grooving reggae inspired jam is one of the biggest highlights from the album. It has such a 70’s vibe to it and the Jack White hook is the icing on the cake. The video for this song is also one of her best; her destroying cars while she sings is exactly the bad-ass Beyonce we expected.


One of the most transgressive beats on the album, “Sorry” continues the theme of cheating which seems apparent. The song is fun and catchy; it reminds me of her recent hit “711”. Along with “Formation”, I can see this song impacting Urban Radio stations with ease.

6 Inch (ft. The Weeknd):

If you want to make a hit song in 2016, just invite The Weeknd. Upon early listens, I think this may be my favorite song on the album. Her cockiness oozes with each verse & The Weeknd’s parts are smooth. This is the perfect song to dance along with your friends in a club or when you are getting ready for a sexy night.

Daddy Lessons:

This song makes me instantly think of a backyard BBQ in the south. It has a soulful blues jazz feeling. Stripping away her usual heavy production, the acoustic guitar & hand claps are enough to accompany the bluesy vocals from Bey. One of her most obscure songs to date; so different from anything she’s released. Love the use of real instruments on the piece.

Love Drought:

Slowing down the album a bit, “Love Drought” is one of the sexiest songs on the album. That breathy singing Beyonce does at times works amazingly here. She seduces you with each word like she’s moaning it into your ear. Glad to see a bit more love on the album after all the early cheating tones. This would go great with some makeup sex.


We forget Beyonce has such a powerful voice at times. She’s best known for her fun dance songs but strip all that away, Bey is one of the best voices of her generation. “Sandcastles” helps back up that claim; I expect many covers of this in the future. This is another one of the slower songs.

Forward (ft. James Blake):

Will James Blake be this year’s Bon Iver? His soulful vocals blend beautifully with Beyonce’s. The shortest song on the album is also one of the most beautiful. I want “Forward” to be a few minutes longer. It’s such an easy listen.

Freedom (ft. Kendrick Lamar):

With the featuring artist and the song’s title, I knew this would be an empowering anthem. I wasn’t wrong. “Freedom” is another song deeply rooted in soul music but has a bit more hip-hop influence. With lyrics like breaking the chains off, watch for the predominate black imagery scare off the average listener. I was actually hoping for more songs like this.

All Night:

Mixing all the elements that make Beyonce great, “All Night” is like textbook Beyonce. An outstanding beat, heavy bravado, and of course Bey’s awesome voice; that’s all you need to make a Beyonce worthy banger. This would be the perfect finale for the album but we have one more amazing tune before it’s all over…


-Debuting the day before her Super Bowl performance, the banger that is “Formation” caused an uproar. The world wasn’t ready for a song where Beyonce proudly calls out the haters and embraces her roots. Even ‘Saturday Night Live‘ made a skit in response to this song called ‘The Day Beyonce Turned Black. No longer could white soccer moms jam out to Bey; this was targeted for a specific group and she doesn’t care.

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