Monkeys Fighting Robots

Buffy the Vampire Slayer celebrated its 20th anniversary this past week. The cult series featured a phenomenal blend of drama, comedy, and non-stop supernatural action. It’s been off the air for years now, but there are still plenty of shows that carry Buffy’s spirit on. Here’s a list of great series on the air right now that Buffy fans can enjoy!


5. iZombie


CW’s iZombie probably pulls more from Buffy than any other show on this list. The series, developed by Veronica Mars’ Rob Thomas, follows recently zombified Olivia Moore. With the help of her own Scooby gang, Liv solves crimes and battles evil zombies. Much like Buffy, iZombie uses the same balance of high-paced action with pop-culture banter. Not to mention both shows have strong leading ladies, bleach-blonde bad boys, and brilliant Brits.  If you need a hot new monster show, iZombie is the series for you. Season 3 premieres on April 4th, on the CW.

Jon Barr - TV Editor
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