Beer Spotlight: Bloomington Brewing Co. ‘Kirkwood Cream Ale’

Kirkwood Cream Ale

Bloomington Brewing Company is a local Indiana brewery, right in the heart of Bloomington. They are responsible for several of Hoosier favorites, including Rooftop IPA, Ruby Bloom, and Quarrymen.

Today, we will be talking about their staple item, Kirkwood Cream Ale.

Coming in at 4.9% and 11 IBUs, the Kirkwood is a lovely cream ale. Crisp, light, and refreshing, this beer has been put up as a go to lighter ale for a lot of Indiana beer drinkers. Its taps sit next to those of Bud, Bud light, and Miller.


The only thing wrong with this beer is that it isn’t available across the states to drink it. It is distributed amongst Indiana by North Vernon Beverage Co and Cavalier Distributing.

With cream ales becoming more and more of a popular item, Kirkwood very well has a great one for the top of the list. Easy drinking beers are always wanted and needed at bars and tap houses alike. Kirkwood can even be a session, being only 4.9%, you can have a couple and still have that flavor, without feeling overwhelmingly full.

Pouring is one of those magical skills, that if you do it right, the beer tastes worlds better. To pour a Kirkwood, you tip the glass to the side, and pour, filling up 3/4 of the way. You set the glass down, and let the head settle. Kirkwood has an amazing foam build and the aroma that makes your mouth water.

Made with only Liberty hops, it is a single hop beverage. Pale, Amber, and Flaked Maize malts make it a more complex drink. gives it a 42 overall, and beer advocate hasn’t had enough votes to give a number yet.

Try it, rate it, and love it.

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“We make beers we like to drink.” Bloomington Brewing

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