Hogtown Brewers: Hogtown Ale – A Spooky Review

Hogtown Brewers, named in honour of Toronto‘s nickname derived from its noble history of pig rendering, began distributing their flagship Hogtown Ale in 2012. Hogtown’s website describes their mandate: they want to craft drinkable lagers with great flavour. Hogtown’s brew master was inspired by the German Kolsch style. I reviewed a Kolsch earlier this year. Unfortunately, today I didn’t have the appropriate glassware, and enjoyed mine from a large beer mug. Here’s what I thought.

To make this review spooky, just imagine that global warming threatens us all and there’s an orange monster running for the most powerful executive office in the world.

Hogtown Brewers: Hogtown Ale – First Sip

Hogtown Ale is a tawny golden colour with a thick layer of foam as I pour it into my glass mug. I smell apples as I take my first sip. The thick and fizzy mouthfeel brings out this ale’s semi-sweet caramel maltiness. Its mouthfeel also bridges the gap between this ale’s malty flavour and tart aftertaste.

Hogtown Brewers: Hogtown Ale – Last Sip

This is a great ale to enjoy as you watch scary movies or hand out candy to children. Just don’t enjoy too many of them in one sitting. It’s definitely, as Hogtown’s website describes, a sessional ale. Very smooth, and surprisingly complex for an ale, it comes in at 5% ABV in a 473 mL can. Tasty as these beers are, don’t have too many of them or you’ll ruin your haunted house.

Hogtown Ale is a bit too sweet for my tastes. I’m guilty of being a hops sympathizer, though, so I miss the mouth-puckering bitterness of an IPA. I suggest enjoying Hogtown Ale with any pub food, like: burgers and fries, fish and chips, and chicken wings. And, with its tart aftertaste, this is also a great ale to enjoy with guacamole and chips.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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