Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery: 12 Minutes To Destiny – An Acerbic Review

If you’ve read some of my other reviews, you might notice that this isn’t the first time I’ve reviewed a beer from Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery. In the past I’ve reviewed Flying Monkeys’ Hoptical Illusion APA, their Genius of Suburbia ISA, and their intensely hop-forward Smashbomb Atomic IPA. I like those so I figured I’d try their 12 Minutes to Destiny Hibiscus Pale Lager.

Hibiscus or no, 12 Minutes to Destiny also advertises its raspberry flavour. And, although this is my first hibiscus beer, I did review a raspberry one, so this isn’t completely new to me. Having talked about Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery in my previous reviews, I won’t go over the award-winning history of the brewery here. I’ll just say that I’m glad that this unique Ontarian brewery continues to operate with the same mantra I do, “Normal is weird”. So let’s get down to some very weird tasting! (Wait, does that make it normal?!) I don’t think I’ve ever had hibiscus tea, so I can’t promise a fully informed opinion. But, having looked up what hibiscus tastes like, it seems like a good partner for raspberry. I got a six-pack at my local LCBO.

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery: 12 Minutes to Destiny – First Sip

This beer is a light red colour. With lots of carbonation it develops a thick layer of pinkish foam when poured into a pint glass. 12 Minutes to Destiny has a strong raspberry smell that enhances its rich flavour. This beer is tart off the top, but it finishes with a mildly grainy aftertaste. 12 Minutes to Destiny’s high level of carbonation gives it a fizzy mouthfeel that supports its tartness, and allows its complex flavour full effect.

Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery: 12 Minutes to Destiny – Last Sip

At 4.1% ABV, you can have a couple. When enjoyed straight from its 355 mL bottle, 12 Minutes to Destiny is a bit too foamy. Plus, it loses some of its complex character. It retains some of its unique flavour but the complex hibiscus-raspberry combination is lost. So, ensure that you pour this heady beer into a glass before you drink it. This is a dessert beer so drink it with some pie or a bowl of fruit to really enjoy it.

Michael Bedford
Michael Bedford
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