Jason Aaron and the art team combine to make Moon Knight an unstoppable adversary for the Avengers.

AVENGERS #33 Brings A Fan-Favorite Hero Back To The Spotlight

Moon Knight is back in a big way.

Comics are back, and diving into writer Jason Aaron’s new Avengers epic is the perfect way to celebrate. In Marvel Comics’ Avengers #33, on sale May 27, Aaron kicks off “The Age of Khonshu” with a bang. By the end of the story, several of the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have been taken off the board and the villain has already seemingly won the war.


Avengers #33

Story: Jason Aaron and Javier Garrón

Color artist: Jason Keith

Letterer: VC’s Cory Petit

Right away, the title of this arc reminds us of “Age of Ultron,” a famous Avengers story in which the team is immediately put on the defensive. The same structure is used here, as Moon Knight easily topples some of the Marvel Universe’s most famous heroes. For fans unfamiliar with the character, Aaron succinctly tells us everything we need to know about Moon Knight, who has faded into relative obscurity in recent years. But Aaron has publicly said he has plans for the hero, and they’re finally coming to fruition.

Aaron’s passion for this story is evident on every page; robust enthusiasm is packed into every word of dialogue and every line of narration. Rather than opting for a slow burn, Aaron begins this arc in a high gear, leaving us floored by the issue’s thrilling end. Moon Knight goes on an Easter egg hunt for the Avengers’ mystical powers and his practically effortless success is eye-opening. Aaron clearly views Moon Knight as a legitimate hero, and he wants the reader to feel the same way.

To show just how powerful The Fist of Khonshu is, Aaron and the art team combine to make him look almighty in several fight scenes. First, Moon Night travels to K’un-Lun, where he battles a reluctant Iron Fist. Danny Rand tries to reason with his peer, but the time for talking has passed. Moon Knight fights the martial art master, and Javier Garrón brings the energy of a classic kung fu movie to the scene. He uses numerous movement lines, emphatic impact points and narrow close-ups of the heroes’ hands to show the exchange of heavy strikes. Most notably, Garrón also shows multiple fists in the same panel to convey the rapid velocity of the blows. This effect is even more impressive when Moon Knight battles Thor.

A fight on the moon is quite fitting for the Fist of Khonshu. That’s where he meets Thor in the issue’s climax. After Moon Knight defeats several Avengers, Thor may be the most mighty adversary left standing. Thanks to Garrón, the God of Thunder looks majestic as he soars through the night sky; he receives a close-up in which he heroically soars with his cape billowing behind him. But the presence of the supermoon behind him spells potential doom for the Asgardian.

Even when Thor uses his legendary hammer to battle Moon Knight, he’s no match for the mystical hero. Garrón shows multiple images of Mjolnir, which are complemented by the work of color artist Jason Keith, to convey Thor’s strength. The God of Thunder rapidly swings the hammer, glowing with electric blue energy. But in a moment right out of Thor: Ragnarok, Moon Knight stops the hammer in mid-air, showing that he even outmatches the Asgardian. Once Thor falls, the Fist of Khonshu looks truly unstoppable.

With a heart-pounding introduction to his latest arc, Aaron resumes up his Avengers run with vibrant, contagious energy that’s sure to excite readers. Unlike other stories about the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, there’s no alien invasion or universal threat here. Instead, they’re dominated by one of their own, which offers us a breath of fresh air.

What’d you think of Avengers #33? Are you glad to see Moon Knight in the spotlight?

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Colin Tessier
Colin Tessier
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AVENGERS #33 Brings A Fan-Favorite Hero Back To The SpotlightJason Aaron and the art team combine to make Moon Knight an unstoppable adversary for the Avengers.