A slow start but new mysterious present themselves in the opening of the second season.
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‘Attack On Titan’ Season Two Begins With The Beast Titan

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After two years with any Titan slaying goodness, the new season of Attack on Titan is back. Is it everything fans were hoping for? More or less, at least with this first episode.

Episode 26, Beast Titan, expects the watcher to know the story for the most part. Their is a brief summary of the first season beforehand but then it goes straight into continuing the story from where they left off. They show the walls collapse, reveal Titans were hiding as humans, and how they discovered and defeated Annie Leonhart all in the opening. If you are a bit foggy on the details this may require a marathon of the first season binge before you watch this episode because from there the episode is a lot of expanding on the plot.


As the title suggests the Beast Titan, another abnormal Titan, is introduced. It’s unique abilities include having animal fur all over its body and maintaining its human level intelligence and speech. Though the less obvious power is how he is able to control other titans. While beings like the Female Titan are able to summon other Titans to do her bidding, she requires a roar which seems to exert a lot of energy to accomplish. The Beast Titan on the other hand is able to simply speak and other Titans obey him. Hopefully he will be around a lot this year instead of simply appearing once and never again for the season.

The new opening is the standard bit we have come to expect from Linked Horizon as the cast suits up to fight the titans. The ending though is creepy. It sounds like a small children’s choir isn’t singing on key while being played over disturbing images of death and titans eating people.

It’s good to see Attack On Titan back, even though they opened on a slow episode of mostly dialogue. Sure there is a bit of action but when stacked up to other episodes, this is a slow beginning to remind everyone there is a lot of plot to expand on this year.

Attack on Titan: Season Two is streaming on Crunchyroll.

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A slow start but new mysterious present themselves in the opening of the second season. 'Attack On Titan' Season Two Begins With The Beast Titan