Atomic Tom Drops New Album ‘Era’ For $1

The rock band Atomic Tom quietly announced last Friday that their new album, ERA, is out, and the complete album is available for a one dollar at Bandcamp for one week.

“It’s overwhelming and humbling to look back at all the names and faces that inspired this album. You’re more than music fans. You’re more than our friends. You brought us from playing empty clubs in the Lower East Side to late night TV performances and US headline tours. We couldn’t have made this album without you. Our story together is embedded in every note and word. This album belongs to you,” said Atomic Tom.

The band stands out with their unique sound, but what makes these four guys endearing is their use of digital and social media; from graphics to music videos, they use these platforms regularly to engage with fans. The group is made up of Luke White (lead vocals, guitar), Eric Espiritu (guitar), Ethan Mentzer (bass), and Tobias Smith (drums).

Track 10 from ERA – Music Makes the Heart Grow Stronger

The song and video that started it all for Atomic Tom, Take Me Out.

Matthew Sardo
Matthew Sardo
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