Art and Charity With the Stars of Supernatural and The SPN Family

Supernatural stars are calling on the SPN Family for aid. As Texas and Louisiana suffer under the heavy beat of Hurricane Harvey, the nonprofit known as Random Acts founded by Supernatural star Misha Collins has teamed up with another business founded by Supernatural star Jensen Ackles known as Family Business Beer Company. Together they are attempting to raise much needed funds for those who are going to need aid very soon due to being in the path of the storm.

Help Needed

Hurricane Harvey has done an abundance of damage. The flooding is starting to really take its toll on residents who were not able to evacuate. Currently on is a Texas Flood and Hurricane Relief Fund promising to give 100% of the proceeds to victims in need cosponsored by Random Acts and Family Business Beer Company.

Saving People Isn’t Just the Day Job

The leads of Supernatural, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles are native Texans and have their home bases and families there. As a displaced Texan I can’t help but want to bring light to what is happening.  In so many situations a little help from a lot of people goes a long way. Which is something that is not new to the actors that are a part of the 12 season show about to embark on its 13th season on October 12th on the CW network.


Random Acts and GISHWHES

Recently with the advent of the latest and last GISHWHES I explored the Random Acts charity. This nonprofit raises money for a variety of causes both locally and abroad. The website details all of the charity that has been committed in its name. Also it features people who have expanded the ideas of the charity in their own lives. It calls attention to the SPNFamily moniker as fans of the show have often called on the ‘family’ to help when others are in crisis.

Misha Collins Tweet

The SPN Family

One of the more interesting aspects of this is the fact that for years without a lot of fanfare or coverage the SPN Family has been practicing the preaching of their favorite characters of this television franchise.  When searching under the #SPNfamily twitter tag an abundance of charity has been taking place.  The fan base always striving to honor the family business of ‘saving people’ usually delivers in times of crisis.

SPNFamily Feed

Learn more about Random Acts and Family Business Beer Company. Also here is the link to give to the current Crowdrise fund for Texas Hurricane and Flood relief. Let’s get into the spirit of helping. Check your social media feeds. Retweet and share information to aid people needing help and needing to be rescued. Its the SPN Family way.

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Christina Freeman
Christina Freeman
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