Over The Top And Other Thoughts On Twin Peaks Part 13

As the world waits for Cooper to wake up, the events of Twin Peaks continue toward its conclusion. The Las Vegas case inches closer to being revealed while the season’s slow-motion chase reaches its bloody end.

The Case

Bad Cooper — or “Mr. C” as Kyle MacLachlan prefers — finally made it to the Farm. It appears to be an industrial park with space for a bunch of low-lifes led by arm wrestling king Renzo. After a few taunts and establishing he gets Ray if he wins, Bad Coop went over the top on poor Renzo; killing him. After learning some vital info from Ray, Bad Coop finally offed him. But thanks to the Black Lodge ring in his pocket, he sent Ray there in his stead.

Oh, Bad Coop is also the boss of the Farm now, but he doesn’t seem to care.

Meanwhile in Vegas, the tightened around Anthony’s neck. Upon seeing Cooper still alive and in party mode with the Mitchum Brothers, he frantically called Duncan Todd for help. Unfortunately for him, Todd demanded that kill Dougie in the next day. Anthony then collapsed into a blubbering mess when he came to believe Dougie knew he poisoned his coffee. Taking the issue to Busnell, he implicated Todd and the cops pretty quickly; even if he’s terrified to testify against the cops.

At home, Janey-E was happy with the reversal of fortune of late. Besides the winnings from the casino, the change in her husband also led to a new jungle gym for Sonny Jim and a BMW for the family. Honestly though, everyone should get to experience the kind of affection she had for Dougie in the episode. Of course, it could all be gone soon as Cooper definitely seems to be waking up. The way he said “confess” to Anthony felt more like Cooper than his usual scrambled parroting.

The Updates

Norma and Big Ed never got together. This must be their fate as Ed even told Bobby “there’s nothing happening here.” Instead, Norma’s in with a franchise man named Walter Landford (played by Eight is Enough‘s Grant Goodeve). While there appeared to be some sort of attraction there, Walter strikes me as a Ray Kroc type and more interested in the franchise rights to the RR Diner.

There are five in the Northwest already, but Norma’s diner is under-performing. Walter suggests its due to the low prices and high production costs on the pies. Which, of course it is, but trying to get Norma to change her recipes is a fool’s errand.

Then again, if you’ve ever watched The Founder, you know Norma could be out of a diner real quick.

Meanwhile, Nadine and Dr. Jacoby finally ran into each other, confirming that she does know he and Dr. Amp are the same person. Jacoby, for his part, was surprised to learn she’s a loyal watcher with a golden shovel prominently displayed in front of her silent drape-runner shop. The scene had the feel of a meet cute by the end. Which isn’t the strangest idea or pairing in the whole of Twin Peaks.

Sadly, this means that Big Ed lives his life as we saw it at the end of the episode: alone at the Gas Farm, eating RR soup and burning letters to Norma.

Of course, I kind of wish James Hurley was alone eating soup. A reprise of his infamous “Just You and I” song proves he hasn’t changed in twenty-five years. Not in the way Shelly suggested back in Part 2, anyway. It did seem to have an effect on Shelly’s friend Renee (Jessica Szohr), which might be even stranger than the “7-6-63” tattoo on her upper left arm.


  1. Why was Sarah Palmer content to watch the same five seconds of a boxing match on loop? I mean, I know she’s drunk … but drunk enough not to notice the footage repeating?
  2. Is time on a loop as well? Coop and the Mitchums were just getting back from their desert trip, Becky was still with Steven, and Bobby’s conversation with Ed must take place before the shootings at the RR and the Gas Farm (Bobby even mentioned just finding his father’s things). Why are these events happening out of sync?
  3. Where is Donna Hayward? Now that James has been on stage with a song he recorded with her, it feels like her absence has to be addressed. Also, the fact her little sister Gersten (Alicia Witt) is going around with Steven can’t just be a throwaway cameo.
  4. Why was Richard Thorne at the Farm? Is Red part of that bunch as well?
  5. Why did Audrey lose herself while fighting with Charlie? Her dialogue suggests a passing reference to her almost life in Mulholland Drive, but maybe she didn’t entirely come back  from her coma after the bank explosion.
  6. Will the Blue Rose team ever learn about Dougie Jones?

Not about Judy

Besides getting the coordinates, Bad Coop has finally learned that Philip Jeffries — or someone claiming to be him — hired Ray and Daria to kill him. Additionally, the man gave Ray the Black Lodge ring to put on Bad Coop’s finger after killing him. From the conversation, it appeared that Jeffries knew about BOB. Bad Coop seemed to think Jeffries also knew something about Major Briggs and asked if Ray had heard anything about it, but Ray was unhelpful there. Ray’s last bit of useful intel was a location for Jeffries: a place called the Dutchman. While Ray seemed to think it didn’t exist, Bad Coop understood the reference immediately. Maybe it’s a ghost ship.

Hopefully, it means we’ll soon see Jeffries — or whoever is posing as him — and maybe why he had the Black Lodge ring.

Over the Top

I have to hand it to Tom Sizemore. His willingness to be a cartoon is outstanding and I don’t think he’s been better anywhere than this episode. From his horrified shock when Coop and Mitchum Brothers conga-lined into the the office to his pitiful confession in Bushnell’s office, he played to the cheap seats and was amazing for it.

Similarly, MacLachlan’s Bad Coop was at his best this week, feigning an ignorance toward Renzo which worked out real well for the character and proved MacLachlan’s talents once again. He’s an excellent oily miscreant. Even as many hope to see the good old Coop soon, I’m happy to continue watching MacLachlan’s strange spins of his iconic role.

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