‘Aquaman’ Release Date Pushed Back 2 Months. This Isn’t A Bad Thing!

‘Aquaman’ Taking The Spot That Once Belong To ‘Avatar 2’

Anyone who dislikes the DC Extended Universe telling you that the pushing back of ‘Aquaman‘ is bad thing? Don’t let them! This could be one of the best things to happen to the upcoming Warner Bros. film.

When James Cameron decided to delay the release of ‘Avatar 2‘, it left a massive gap in the 2018 holiday film schedule. The delay also allowed for any movie to step up and takes its place. Now it’s confirmed that instead of an October release, ‘Aquaman‘ will now take the December 21st, 2018 release date.

This is huge for Warners Bros. and DC!


With the massive moneymaker that is the Avatar franchise out of the way, the beloved holiday movie season can journey to another world instead of Pandora, Atlantis! The James Wan-directed film starring Jason Momoa has got great early buzz and there’s massive potential for this to be the film to do very well now. The only competition it faces will be Disney’s live-action ‘Mary Poppins‘ remake.

The recent DC films have been filled with bad press with any production news being spun in a negative light. Even something like a 2-month delay can spark outrage. But this is a time where pushing something back is a sign the company has faith in a project. The holiday season is known for being lucrative so ‘Aquaman’ is getting a good boast.

This also follows the news that lead actor Jason Momoa is loving this hero and the aquatic world they’ve created.  He’s said the movie is “fun and heroic” and that he’s “extremely happy” with the underwater world Warner Bros. and DCEU have created.

Aquaman‘ is set for a December 21st, 2018 release. The DC superhero will also be featured in this year’s ‘Justice League‘, released on November 17th.

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