Antoine Fuqua Working on ‘Training Day’ TV Series

Training Day is the latest in police/crime thrillers jumping from the big to the small screen. Director Antoine Fuqua is working with Jerry Bruckheimer to bring the adaptation of the 2001 cop thriller – which landed a Best Actor statue for Denzel Washington and a nomination for Ethan Hawke – to eager networks looking to sharpen their dramatic impact on the market.

Deadline reports that Will Beall, who has written a pitch for the Training Day series, is taking his work to the four big networks. Fuqua had the idea initially to bring the thriller to television, though moving Training Day away from the gritty freedom of cinema to the homogenized landscape of network drama feels curious. This is a film who’s TV offspring deserves a network with the freedom to push the envelope.

FX seems like a perfect landing spot, especially since they have another film-to-TV adaptation, Fargo, dominating the demo. Not to mention they used to run a little show called The Shield, which is clearly inspired by the story of crooked cops that was front and center in Training Day.

Alas, this version of Fuqua’s film seems to be destined to NBC or ABC. Just don’t let it land on CBS, whatever you do…

Training Day

Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
Larry Taylor - Managing Editor
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