If not for a slow build-up, and if Kaneki had a bit more backbone early on... This could have been even better. Either way though a great anime to watch a few times.
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Anime Review: Tokyo Ghoul

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When everything is normal, you wake up, eat, and sleep. Everything on a regular basis, nothing changing until one event. As if turning to dust, Tokyo Ghoul takes you on a ride from the normal to the paranormal. Blood and gore with drama at its finest, it is embodied in this anime.

Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki was somewhat of a normal child, yet with no parents. Instead what he surrounded himself was with his books. Yet love is never stagnant, Kaneki too falling prey to this. After successfully getting a date with a young lady named Rize, chaos ensues. Rize, a ghoul, tries to hunt down and eat Kaneki. Yet Kaneki narrowly escapes becoming fatally injured. Yet when he awakes he finds himself disgusted by regular foods. Kaneki, now a half-ghoul, must survive while living in the hell of both worlds.

Becoming a Ghoul

One of my problems with action based anime is the useless need for blood and gore. Tokyo Ghoul is a bit excessive at times, but it fits. It doesn’t needlessly drag on, fitting in each and every part into the series either. Instead, we are given a slow building story that eventually finishes with a bang. Simply put, when the story gets going, it hooks you. Before the second season premiered I had made sure to read every chapter to its end. In the end, it was worth it and I enjoyed the majority of the show.


While I found the series to have a slower build up than most, Tokyo Ghoul is entertaining. If you don’t mind blood and gore, I do suggest this anime to you. I think it is much like a roller coaster, slowly taking you up to the top before dropping you onto one hell of a ride. Both season one and two have these aspects, so look forward to great entertainment.

David Harada
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