Jack and Ashi go on a journey filled with breathtaking animation and also...THE SCOTMAN!!
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An Old Friend Returns In ‘Samurai Jack’ Season Five Episode Five

Samurai Jack fights to save a village from a horrible fate.

Ladies and Gentleman! Dress in your kilts and grab your bagpipes because the Scotsman has returned. His machine gun leg is now a chaingun, he’s missing one eye, and he’s using a wheelchair but he’s still ready to kick some butt. With his daughters by his side (seriously the man fathered an entire army full of towering warrior women), he leads an army into battle against Aku. Unfortunately, Aku is no longer bound by the chains forged in the rules of children’s animation content and now has the power of adult swim by his side. This allows him to straight up murder people if he wants. It’s an intense sight to watch.

Elsewhere, Jack has to deal with Ashi who doesn’t know who to trust anymore. Basically it falls on Jack to have to undo an entire lifetime worth of brainwashing to the point Ashi actually believes Aku is responsible for creating the stars in the sky. As they explore the world of Aku, a lot of great animation moments are used. Contrasts of darkness and shadow, life and death, and good and evil are all portrayed beautifully as Jack works to show Ashi the world poisoned by Aku. Just when it seems like the visual team will run out of tricks they show something new and gorgeous to behold.

This episode offers a lot of great visuals mixed in with action as Ashi and Jack start to fight side by side. All things considered it’s another fantastic episode in a season which keeps being everything the fans could have hoped for. Next time, it looks asuf the mystery behind the green samurai will finally be revealed. Is he a grim reaper come to take Jack to the afterlife or is he something more? Whatever happens, it’s safe to say, here at the halfway point of this final season, it will be magnificent.

Anthony Wendel
Anthony Wendel
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Jack and Ashi go on a journey filled with breathtaking animation and also...THE SCOTMAN!!An Old Friend Returns In 'Samurai Jack' Season Five Episode Five