American Alien Vol. 3: “Parrot” – Partying with Clark Kent


“Parrot” starts off with a plane crash that leads Clark Kent to be stranded on the ocean, only to find a party yacht belonging to no other than Bruce Wayne. But with no one knowing what Bruce Wayne looks like, Clark is mistaken for him and must keep appearances until he gets to shore. What follows is a sexy, funny and even romantic adventure for the Kansas farmboy.

In line with the other two issues of the series so far, even when it seems like it might go off the rails, “Parrot” has its heart in the right place. In the middle of all the booze, bikini-clad ladies and dance music, writer Max Landis finds the opportunity to give Clark a chance for introspection and connecting to people. If the covers for this issue made it seem like we would get a Jordan Belfort-type of Clark, this is not the case at all. The idea of a kinda dorky, naïve and good-hearted guy like Clark finding himself in the middle of this kind situation is what provides the story with its humor.

There are a couple of great cameos in the story from beginning to end, not just for fans of Superman, but for any lover of the DC Universe. Compared to the earlier issues, I found this one to be more evenly paced. If anything, Landis proves that there’s plenty of comedy and dramatic fodder for this kind of situation, one can almost imagine it as a feature-length movie. That’s not to say that the issue missed dramatic or comedic opportunities, just that it almost feels limited by its short length.

In fact, there’s a certain very minor character that plays a bit of an important role in the story that just vanishes. Perhaps this vanishing is meant to be played for laughs, but it’s not clear. And given that Clark takes most of the story’s point of view, it’s understandable, but a little jarring. Other than that, it’s not really a blunder.

The art by Joëlle Jones fills the story in bright pastel colors, fitting for the party atmosphere, but even so, the art is never one-note. When it needs to match the romance of the story or capture the Caribbean night-sky, it excels. It’s beautiful to look at as well. It’s another great addition to the excellent art that has been a part of this series.

“Parrot” continues the streak of wonderful Superman stories that has accompanied American Alien so far. It’s a fun read with a surprising amount of heart. If the last issue was too dark for your own taste, this is a good palate cleanser. And if you’re a fan of the DC Universe, you will find even more to love here.

You can get “Parrot” at your favorite comic book store or digitally right here.

Oscar Moreno
Oscar Moreno
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