AMC Should Recast Rick Grimes And Maggie For Season 10 Of THE WALKING DEAD

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The Walking Dead is one of the most popular shows on television right now; and with the concept combined with a passionate fanbase, the show could continue for another decade.

UPDATE: We can now confirm Andrew Lincoln will leave AMC’s The Walking Dead after season nine. According to Collider, Lincoln will appear in only six episodes.

With the fact Lauren Cohan will only appear in six episodes next season and the rumor season nine will be Andrew Lincoln’s last, it is time to recast characters on the show so the writing becomes the most critical aspect of the series. When writers are forced to change the narrative of a series because an actor leaves, the show suffers. The viewer never gets to see the true vision of the show. When Jeffrey DeMunn left the series in support of Frank Darabont, Dale was killed off way too soon, and major plot points were shifted to Scott Wilson’s Hershel Greene. Chandler Riggs was forced out by showrunner Scott Gimple, and Carl was killed off. In the comics, Carl’s story keeps evolving, and he has the most potential for growth in the book. The fans will never see Carl become a man because AMC did not recast the character and took the easy way out.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never looked back after recasting the HULK and WAR MACHINE. Edward Norton was a massive star ten years ago, but now Mark Ruffalo is the definitive Bruce Banner. Terrence Howard thought he was bigger than IRON MAN, but he quickly found out Marvel Studios had other ideas. Don Cheadle stepped into the character of Lt. Col. James ‘Rhodey’ Rhodes and proved to have better chemistry with Robert Downey Jr.

Lincoln and Cohen are great actors, but if they want to move on, let them, but don’t sacrifice the story in the process. When the story is the most essential part of a show, everyone wins; even if a fan favorite actor is replaced.

Who would recast as Rick or Maggie? Comment below.

Matthew Sardo
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  1. The author of this article is spot on this story is too good to jettison just because an actor wants out…

    No matter how good Andrew Lincoln is and I think he has been fantastic…this story has so much more to tell us…in regards to how mankind gets to retake the world after the zombie apocalypse…

    Travis Flimmel who played Ragnar Lothbrook in Vikings would make an excellent candidate if he’s free…he’s already proven his acting chops, he can do accents and action scenes and has also played young and old-man versions of himself.

    The idea the comments from ‘andrew’ is an excellent one….regarding having his face bandaged in order to recast him…

  2. Shows have recast often. I say recast. Its takes a while to adjust, but we do. Keep maggie and rick, just recast the parts!

  3. I was thinking about recasting Rick today,perfect way is to have him get injured ,spend half of season 10 bandaged or just recast him,hit shows have done it before ,Walton’s recast john boy,Rosanne Becky,bewitched Darren ,Dallas Pam and miss Ellie plus soap operas doing it regularly..hopefully Rick Grimes lives post Andrew Lincoln

  4. No one could replace Maggie let alone Rick , the actors have been playing the part for far too long , also Chandler Riggs did not want to leave the show but I guess you forgot about all that backlash a few months back .

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