Duggan continues to deliver the GOTG book we've been desperate for the past couple years. Every laugh is earned, every progression is significant, the team is strong as ever. There's a real chemistry here that Marvel can't afford to lose. Smallwood's art is a triumph.


All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #7
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‘All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy’ #7, Drax Addresses His Pacifism

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The hits keep on coming with Gerry Duggan and his rotating team of artists. All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #7 came out this week and reveals why Drax has become a pacifist.

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All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy has easily been of the best Marvel titles since the recent relaunch. Following Brian Michael Bendis’ underwhelming run with the team, Duggan came in and knocked it out of the park immediately.

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One of the things that was different from the start was Drax and his new life as a pacifist. “The Destroyer” has sheathed his famous death blades. All-New GOTG #7 sees Drax bear his soul and reveal to Gamora the reason behind this decision.

Greg Smallwood, from the recent Moon Knight masterpiece with Jeff Lemire, provides the art this time. His efforts here need to earn him more cosmic Marvel work. Not only his pencils, but his coloring as well is astronomically pleasing.

Drax aliensGuardians has been one of the only current titles to rotate artists without severely hurting itself. Every artist seems to be handed the appropriate script that matches their style. It’s impressive and appreciated.

This is a very different, but still effective, characterization of Drax. Seeing him open up to his teammate, and what the story entails, adds more depth to him than ever before. Duggan’a run is still not on the level of Abnett/Lanning, but he’s also trying and succeeding in doing something different. This is damn good Guardians.

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Even though this iteration of the team is still emulating the vibe of the movies, Duggan refused to let Drax become a one-note character. He’s been taking his time and getting intimate with the members of the team one at a time, deepening the reader’s connection with each of them.

Having this delicate story unfold and tying it into Gamora’s similar issue and arc by the end was a nice touch. The trajectory this plot is on promises to be classic cosmic goodness!

Drax punchDuggan has the ability with GOTG to deliver an emotionally fulfilling experience. He exposes the heart of these heroes that’s hiding underneath the rough exterior, sprinkling in well executed and perfectly timed jokes. The humor hits hard in this issue because it’s tasteful and strikes when you least expect it.

Marvel has something special with these characters again, they need to make sure they don’t lose it again. Where else could you get what is probably the greatest panel in Guardians Of The Galaxy comic book history?

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