‘All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy’ #3, A Chilling Visual Triumph

After the messy Brian Michael Bendis era of Guardians Of The Galaxy comics, writer Gerry Duggan has come in to right the ship with All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy. In the third issue, artist Frazer Irving contributes a chilling visual triumph.

Guardians 3 cvr

In just three issues, Duggan and company have turned Guardians back into a fun and enjoyable comic book. While it’s still nothing like the perfect Abnett/Lanning run, this is the best book of the post-MCU era.

If GOTG comics absolutely HAVE to be like their movie counterparts, this is by far the best version.


Artist Aaron Kuder and colorist Ive Svorcina did a spectacular job with the first two issues. They play just as important of a role as Duggan in resurrecting these previously floundering characters.

Guardians 3 Gamora

Frazer Irving takes over and delivers a truly haunting visual display. Readers take a break from the vibrant colors of the previous issues and instead take a trip down a very dark path.

All-New Guardians Of The Galaxy #3 is a solo Gamora journey. Revisiting the characters twisted beginnings and sordid past. At the center of this creepshow is the Soul Stone and Gamora’s connection to it. Long lost allies Adam Warlock and Phyla Vell make an appearance as well.

Guardians 3 Thanos

Guardians 3 Gamora x 2

Irving grabs readers by the eye balls and drags them into the darkest depths of weird and creepy. The first page with Thanos is legitimately chilling, showcasing The Mad Titan in his own horror scene.

Reminiscent of Arkham Asylum‘s most disturbing scenes or when Jason Aaron takes Thor through his stunning mythology. Irving deserves major praise for this effort.

Guardians Rocket & Groot

Even abstract versions of Rocket and Groot show up by the issues end, as Gamora sets off to find the Soul Stone.

This standout issue, from a series quickly establishing itself as something special, will stick with me for a long time. Irving’s work here warrants paying closer attention to his future work.

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