Aftermath Of ‘JL Vs. SS’ Finds It’s Way Into ‘Green Lanterns’

Doctor Polaris made his return in the DC event, Justice League Vs. Suicide Squad. Maxwell Lord and his “Task Force X” battled the Justice League, and forced Amanda Waller underground. There’s a new “headache”, Emilia Harcourt, in charge of Belle Reve and it’s shady operations. She sets her sights on Polaris as the aftermath of ‘JL Vs. SS’ finds it’s way into Green Lanterns #19.

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Simon and Jessica are still adjusting to their home lives away from being Green Lanterns. It’s started taking a toll on Simon’s relationship with his step brother. Writer Sam Humphries has done wonders with these two lead characters so far by making their human relationships front and center.

Earth’s two ring bearing protectors have come a long way from issue one, developing together as a unit along the way. Their partnership, and it’s trials, are the driving force behind this incredibly effective comic book. Relationships are the key to Humphries’ success in emotionally engaging with readers. This issue examines how being a superhero damages family life, Simon’s case is the focus.

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Elsewhere, Humphries also touches on Doctor Polaris and what makes him a complex character. Polaris is a bipolar master of magnetism who desperately wants to continue his cancer research. This series has a really good streak of character building with it’s villains, as well as it’s heroes. Readers not familiar with Doctor Polaris are comfortably introduced and ready to move forward immediately.

The only issue with the story is why exactly the Green Lanterns are in pursuit of their villain. Simon tells Nazir “The Justice League is stretched thin right now” before Jessica and him go meet with Harcourt. After being briefed by Harcourt, Simon tells her they don’t take orders from the government. Yet one page later they’re off to confront Polaris, by request of the government? What?

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Ronan Cliquet’s art meets the standard of quality already set by the previous eighteen issues. This issue is a bit darker in tone, Blond’s coloring adjust accordingly. There is an inconsistency throughout in the form of Simon Baz’s gun. From one page to the next, it’s there and then suddenly not. Other than that hiccup, Green Lanterns #19 is another strong effort.

Sam Humphries has achieved so much in this young series, his character development is some of the most effective in all of comic books. This is another solid issue in a series that warrants a “must-read” label at this point. Doctor Polaris getting the Humphries treatment makes him a pleasant sight and not a tired after effect of the Justice Vs. Suicide Squad event.

Have you been reading this series? Did you enjoy Green Lanterns #19? Are you excited about Doctor Polaris? Let us know in the comments below!

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